Vagrant file - alfresco early edition 6.0

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Vagrant file - alfresco early edition 6.0

Can anyone provide the vagrant file for latest - alfresco community 6.0 early edition.

Also how to create our own vagrant file. Was interested in this container and thought to create a vagrant file to be used by my team. Also if i have to apply new modules OR update the existing modules - what is the process to do that in the Vagrant file.

Thanks again for all the documentation. It was really helpful.

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Re: Vagrant file - alfresco early edition 6.0


Last vagrant image I have seen on this forum was one based on Alfresco 5.2, probably outdated.

Alfresco Digital Business Platform Sandbox Installation Guide  

The fastest way for generating one for Alfresco 6 may be to start an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS vagrant based image, and to use Loftux installer inside.

For installing new modules or whatever you wanted to do with the image to may use some provision scripting --> config.vm.provision 

Kind regards.


P.S: You can also use docker resources instead.

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Re: Vagrant file - alfresco early edition 6.0

Thanks Cesar! for your response. Will try that.