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Re: Very big log file

No, I have not. But I thought more of a solution that not just disable or clean the logs but solves the actual problem of the repeated requests from the search service.

But if there is no other solution than I will clean the logs periodically.

Alfresco Employee

Re: Very big log file

Those repeated requests from Search Service are happening by design.

Search Service is invoking the Repository periodically to perform indexing operations.

By default, that happens every 5 seconds:


Hyland Developer Evangelist
Member II

Re: Very big log file

Noticed this happening on our server.  The api calls are split into hourly chunks when solr is polling alfresco for latest transactions. If you havn't changed any documents or document permissions (ACLs) for a while then these API calls get very numerous and repeat every 10 secs or so. We had a test server in this position where we hadn't touched it for a couple of months and noticed the CPU going crazy. By uploading a new document and changing a doc permissions made it all go back to normal.