Warehouse on external CIFS

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Warehouse on external CIFS


I am testing ECM solutions.

For production I will have a medium server with few storage.

On the other side, this day, documents (doc, pdf, xls , few images) are stored on a Windows CIFS shared.

Is it possible to connect Alfresco Community to this external storage point (wether internally) and let it only add tags and sort document from the interface ?


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Re: Warehouse on external CIFS

No, that is not possible. You cannot just "add tags and sort documents from the interface" without them having been logically imported into the database of Alfresco. Though it would be technically possible to ingest them into the database in a way that the content would still be stored on the CIFS share, they may be renamed / moved inside of Alfresco without those changes being reflected on the share itself, as the binary storage of content is decoupled from the logical structure in an Alfresco system.