WebDAV against Kerberos SSO

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WebDAV against Kerberos SSO


Some one know why webdav don't work from non SSO hosts? I have tried Ubuntu and Windows 7 outside the domain. I have tried browser http://domain:8080/alfresco/webdav and network disk mapping. Don't work. I can login by NTLM or Kerberos into Share and Alfresco Admin Console, but webdav even don't ask me to login. Just give me page Please log in.

If remove kerberos from authentication.chain webdav give me login window and works properly. Changing order in authentication.chain doesn't help.

Alfresco/Share 6.1, docker-compose deployment, AD sync and Kerberos SSO

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Re: WebDAV against Kerberos SSO

I am not sure this is relevant - but have you looked at this post: https://hub.alfresco.com/t5/ecm-archive/cifs-webdav-sharepoint-wiht-ad-kerberos-sso-alfrescontlm/m-p...