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Website maneging


Someone can help me in order to understand how ee can manage our html5 websites with Alfresco community ?


Let me explain...

We have a lot of websites exposed by our FE servers (tomcat).

In our studio we working with static html files  javascript  images and so on...

We would like to use alfresco in order to give to specific users the access to specific websites and in second place these users can upload contents (html, javascript, css, ecc files) and these contents will be versionated and then uploaded to the filesystem in order to be published.


Iam trying to understand how can we do it with alfresco community through the consoles (like share, admin console, ecc)



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Re: Website maneging

Take a look at the Alfresco File System Transfer Receiver:

This is exactly what you need in order to publish your contents on your delivery node outside of Alfresco.

Hope this helps Smiley Wink