Weekly Basis email notification

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Weekly Basis email notification

Dear Team,

My requirement is send an mail weekly in a day if files is present folder[folder- name] 

I am using alfresco 5.0 community edition

Can u suggest how can i set this? or can u help me to write an script for this?

Kind Regards,

Aishwarya Jadhav.

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Re: Weekly Basis email notification

You need to write one scheduler which will be checking in particular folder whether files are present or not.If the folders are dynamic, in that case you can create the configuration node inside data dictionary which will hold the information of the folders in which you need to check whether files are present or not.

In side the scheduler you can have the template service for creating mail template and other required services which you can inject.If you don't know how to create scheduler in that case you can check below link for more details.


There is major changes in scheduler classes in alfresco 6.1, so if you are using lower version then 6.1, above will not work for you.

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Re: Weekly Basis email notification

Relevant Alfresco 5.x documentation is also available:


Following these steps, you should be able to create a scheduled job that works on Alfresco 5.x

Due to the upgrade of the Quartz library in Alfresco, Alfresco 5.x scheduled jobs are indeed incompatible with Alfresco 6.x. If you want to create scheduled jobs which are compatible with both Alfresco 5.x and 6.x, you could make use of the Dynamic Extensions Alfresco integration, which abstracts away the Quartz differences for developers. 
See: https://github.com/xenit-eu/dynamic-extensions-for-alfresco/blob/master/documentation/Extension_Poin...