Where find Admin Console or how turn on it

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Where find Admin Console or how turn on it


To configure Kerberos SSO I need to set Kerberos auth as described here: http://docs.alfresco.com/community/tasks/kerberos-alfresco-config.html1
But I can't find "Alfresco Admin console" app with "Directory configuration".
Where it can be there?
Thank You,

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Re: Where find Admin Console or how turn on it

Are you running Alfresco Community Edition? If so, you'll have to make changes to the auth chain by editing alfresco-global.properties and then restarting alfresco.

The kinds of things you might need to set in a-g.p related to Kerberos are the authentication chain:


And the kerberos settings:


If you are running Alfresco Enterprise Edition you can go to /alfresco, then go to the admin console, and you should see the Directory tool in the list.

Even if you are running Enterprise Edition and you make this or other changes in the admin console, I highly recommend that you make the same changes in alfresco-global.properties.


Re: Where find Admin Console or how turn on it

Adding to Jeff Potts' last remark: If you have made the same changes to alfresco-global.properties that you made in the Admin Console, and have restarted your system at least once since then, it may be a good idea to remove these settings via the Admin Console (I believe the tool for that is called "JMX Settings"), so Alfresco starts using the settings from alfresco-global.properties again. Otherwise you may find out sometime in the future that some of your changes in alfresco-global.properties do not get picked up because they had been defined in the Admin Console or JMX. which always take precedence.

Member II

Re: Where find Admin Console or how turn on it

Hello, Jeff.

I'm novice in Alfresco and ECM, and, probably, my start was wrong. If possible, can I describe my tasks for find right way?

1. I testing Alfresco Community Edition.

2. Our users works on the workstations under MS Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8.1 Professional, Windows 10 Professional. Sometimes they use mobile devices under Android or iOS.

3. All workstations and users are members of the Windows domain (2012 R2 mode).

4. We use MS Office 2013.

My tasks for evaluation period:

1. Import Active Directory users and groups to Alfresco. Maybe I can use another user AD attributes - title, manager, department?

2. Transparent access to Alfresco share from browsers IE 11, Edge, Firefox and Chrome - without entering username and password.

3. Transparent access to Alfresco WEBDAV (AOS) from MS Office 2013 Excel and Word.

4. Possibility logon by local administrator account - for cases when AD unavailable.

4. I understand that community edition does not support Outlook integration - I hope that it will be possible to set up user notifications about new documents and other events via Exchange + Outlook.

Now I'm trying work with Alfresco Community Edition on VMWare VM distrubuted by Bitnami.

After I made changes for Kerberos auth and kerberos did not working for me, I can not login either under the domain user, nor under the local.

I tried to return to the previous settings, but it did not work out.

I ready to upload config files, if it is necessary.

Sorry for my trivial questions.

Thank You.