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Windows install help

Hoping to get some help installing Alfresco Community using the zip.

I am sure I am just missing a few steps.

1. I downloaded the files (Postgress, JDBC for Postgress, Java, tomcat, ActiveMQ, the 3 alfresco zip).

2. Install Postgress and create the alfresco database using the script on the site.

3. Created a folder E:\Alfresco. Extracted the contents of all 3 zips to that folder.

4. Installed Java Engine.

5. Installed TOMCAT and pointed it to install into E:\Alfresco\Tomcat

6. grabed the 4 WAR (think it was 4 of them) and put them in the E:\alfresco\tomcat\webapps folder and cleared the existing ones out.

7. Grabbed the file, modified it as per instructions and put it in the catalina folder. (think there are some sub folders it goes into).

8. Modified the server.xml file for tomcat.

I stopped around that point as I thought it should at least be able to connect to postgress and get started. However, it says that it can't find the file.

alfresco-global.pngCatalina.pngError.pngFolder.pngPostrgress DB.pngserver_xml.pngwebapps.png

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Re: Windows install help

The file should be located at


Restart the tomcat after placing it on the above location.