Workflow Cancellation

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Workflow Cancellation


    I need an advice on how to customise cancel workflow functionality so the site managers group (the group numbers are neither admin nor initiators or assignees) can cancel the workflow.

Customised to display the cancel workflow button as required but the cancellation is failing in WA__endWorkflow of workflow-actions.js.. the remote call to url: Alfresco.constants.PROXY_URI + "api/workflow-instances/" + workflowId + "?forced=" + forced, return failure. 

Any advice on the best option to get this working is great help

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Re: Workflow Cancellation

First Change you have to make is display cancel button for specific group member like SiteManager.

Another change you have to make is override class and make changes in canUserEndWorkflow method and write your logic at the end that other who can allow to cancel workflow.