Your connection is not secure.

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Your connection is not secure.

Good Morning!  Accessing alfresco's page using self-signed certificate occurs the following message.

I am using self signed certificate, I have exported to the client side and after installing the certificate on the client machine this message appears

"srv.enterprise.lan uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is not trusted because it is self-signed.
The certificate is not valid for the name srv.enterprise.lan


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Re: Your connection is not secure.

This is standard behavior for most browsers when they encounter a self-signed certificate.

Can you get a real certificate? Have you looked at Their certs are free, they are easy to install and renew with certbot and they work fine with Alfresco (and all your other web sites).


Re: Your connection is not secure.

Problem is that you cannot use Let's Encrypt for an internal site not reachable by the name from the internet (the host name looks to be internal). If you are running on a domain with an Active Directory, it should also be fairly straight forward to issue a certificate from your AD certificate authority for your internal system, and since all your clients in an AD domain should trust the AD CA, it would be considered secure.

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Re: Your connection is not secure.

Thank you Jeff Potts Do you already use Let's Encrypt in Alfresco?