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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

Alfresco 2.x WCM Feature Investigation

Alfresco 2.x will focus on enabling business-users to create enterprise mash-ups using new Web Script-based Alfresco Web Components.  Alfresco WCM will provide a simple interface for business users to create new mash-ups based on templates and easily add and customize web pages using Web Forms.  Alfresco 2.2 WCM will also provide a default site template for a simple mash-up site and have a variety of enhancements for Web Developers, Web Designers, Content Managers, Content Publishers, Content Contributors, and Content Reviewers to make getting up and running with Alfresco WCM fast and easy.

Web Developers

Web Developers need the ability to:

  •   Easily create and test new Web Forms, Web Scripts, Web Components and Workflows and deploy to a production authoring server
  •   Easily create and model custom types within a Web Project
  •   Easily set-up and configure deployment topology for dynamic website

Target enhancements:

  •   Ability to export / import Web Project.  Ability to take a finalized Web Project and export to an authoring server.  Includes ability to bundle all associated Web Forms, XMLMetadataExtractors, and Workflows, and an ability to import on an authoring server. (WCM-240)
  •   Ability to create and manage Web-script based Web Components in a Web Component Library.  In Data Dictionary, ability to define a Web Component for use by Web Designers when creating Page Templates and Content Publishers when creating new web pages based on a template.  Web Component will include both a Web Script and an associated Web Form for customization parameters to be configured by a Web Designer or Content Publisher.
  •   Support for custom content types and enforced metadata assignment at time of content submission. (WCM-279, WCM-485)
  •   Ability to have multiple target deployments for a given server machine.  Ability to define different rules for publishing different sets of assets to different locations on the same target server, for example, pushing all videos to one location, and all code to another location on a same file-server (multiple source root path and target destination root paths). (WCM-663)
  •   Multi-server transactional deployment.  Ability to transactional commit changes to multiple servers, including a remote file server and remote Alfresco server.  Includes sample deployment configuration for deploying an Alfresco-managed web app, with code deployed to a run-time app server and content to a run-time Alfresco repo.
  •   Ability to configure multiple virtualization servers.  Ability to set-up multiple virtualization servers on one or more separate machines and configure to

Web Designers

Web Designers need the ability to:

  •   Build and publish templated websites and web pages for use by the business
  •   Leverage a library of basic web building blocks (Web Components) for a basic site
  •   Easily update templated websites based on changes to functionality, layout, or styling

Target enhancements:

  •   Ability to create a site template.  Site templates would include default directory structure, web resources (images, css, code, etc.), Web Form associations, Web Page associations, and business rules.
  •   Ability to create web page template.  Ability to assemble a web page using Web Components and save as a page template.  Ability to associate one or multiple Web Page templates with a site.
  •   Ability to sync any Web Project based on changes to a site or page template.
  •   Ability to leverage a pre-built library of Web Components, for example search, search results, content details, breadcrumb, navbar, teaser, etc.

Content Managers

Content Managers need the ability to:

  •   Quickly create new websites based on published web templates
  •   Easily track production activities within a Web Project
  •   Easily manage users and permissions within a Web Project

Target enhancements:

  •   Ability to create site based on site template.  When creating a new Web Project, Content Manager need the ability to baseline that Web Project off an approved site template provisioned by a Web Designer.
  •   Ability to create branch existing Web Project.  To enable parallel development, need ability to create one or multiple sub-Web Projects that can be baselined off an existing Web Project.  Ability to keep content in sync via layers and to easily synced back to parent project from a known-good snapshot.
  •   Ability to reuse content across web projects.  Ability to copy files or directories from one Web Project to another and paste as a layered file or directory.  Useful for sharing common assets across web projects like images, videos, etc. (WCM-718)
  •   Ability to preview older snapshots of a website (WCM-549)
  •   Ability to view audit trails for each snapshot, one to see workflow history associated with that snapshot (all tasks and task comments) as well as deployment reports (WCM-548)
  •   Ability to view all assets / asset versions incorporating a snapshot (WCM-667)
  •   Ability to create content rules for folders in a Web Project (WCM-49)
  •   Ability to see task associated with any modified item in a Modified Items list (WCM-472)
  •   Ability to explicitly create sandboxes and assign users and / or group to a specific sandbox (WCM-94)
  •   Support ACLs on Web Projects and assets within a web project (WCM-70, WCM-460, WCM-489)

Content Publishers

Content Publishers need the ability to:

  •   Easily create and customize web pages using Page Templates and Web Components
  •   Quickly find, edit, and submit existing content and web pages

Target Enhancements

  •   Ability to access a Create Page Wizard to allow Publisher to use Web Forms to create new mash-up pages based on a template.  Ability to customize components on a page or add new components to a page from a component library.
  •   Ability to search within a Web Project to find content based on type, keyword, or metadata attribute (or any combo thereof).  Support for an Actions list on search results page to immediate preview, edit, and submit content.
  •   Ability to execute search within Web Form file picker widget.
  •   In Web Forms list in Web Project view, ability to Browse all XMLs associated with a Web Form (search for all XMLs created using that Web Form and return in an actionable results list)

Content Contributors
Content Contributors need the ability to:

  • Easily create and edit content via dashlets

Target enhancements:

  •   Ability to preview, edit, undo, and submit directly from My Web Files dashlet
  •   Ability to Browse all XMLs created using a Web Form to preview, edit, and submit directly from My Web Forms dashlet

Content Reviewers
Content Reviewers need the ability to:

  •   Easily review and approve content via email

Target enhancements:

  •   Ability to receive email notification of pending submissions
  •   Ability to directly preview, approve, and reject (potentially edit) via Web Script direct from email (WCM-101, WCM-102)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  •   Support for virtualizing Apache server, including PHP virtualization support (WCM-329).  To be used in conjunction with virtualizing servlet engine.
  •   Support for associations (WCM-264)