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The official documentation is at:

What is it?

Alfresco Community and Enterprise Releases are distributed in the Download pages but are also distributed on a Maven repository, in the Alfresco Artifacts Repository (formerly

This allow you to use Alfresco as a dependency in your favorite build tool, e.g. Apache Maven, Ivy, Gradle, SBT, etc.

Alfresco Community artifacts are openly available, while for access to Enterprise artifacts you need to be an Enterprise Customer or Partner.

Repositories and groups

For a full list and search on repositories check the Artifact Repository UI, and for a quick simple web-server style browsing check here.

Repositories are aggregated in the following commodity groups:

Depending on repository groups is suggested and preferred over single repositories, as it's more stable and enables quicker builds.

A note on POMs and 3rd party dependencies

At the moment only Alfresco released artifacts are hosted in the repository and there are no POMs available: therefore 3rd party dependencies are not necessarily deployed on the Artifacts Repository.

POMs might be available in the future: if you are interested please vote or comment on the appropriate Jira issue.

Retrieving artifacts with Maven

Note for Alfresco Enterprise Customers and Partners

Alfresco Enterprise artifacts are available as well, but credentials are required to access the Alfresco Enterprise private repository.

Please check this Alfresco Support Knowledge Base article for more details (support account required).


To retrieve Alfresco Community and other generally available artifact releases from the Alfresco Artifacts Repository:

  1. Add the following snippet to your pom.xml:

  1. Example: Use Alfresco dependencies in the groupId org.alfresco For example you can retrieve the Alfresco Repository 4.0.d WAR adding the following dependency to your pom.xml:

To check which JAR/WAR artifacts are available for a specific version, you can use the powerful GAV (GroupId,ArtifactId,Version) search from for example click here for a sample search of all 4.0.d artifacts


Add the following snippet to your pom.xml to access Alfresco Snapshots repositories:


Compatibility note

The Alfresco Artifacts Repository moved to HTTPS, for increased security.
If you are still using the old URLs ( or, you may encounter problems while downloading artifacts, as highlighted in the issue ALF-15943.

To fix this, you should:

  1. Delete from your local Maven repository the artifacts that cause problems. They were incorrectly downloaded, and should be discarded.
  2. Use one of the following fix:
    • Use the correct URL, replacing it by
    • Upgrade to Maven 3.0.4, since it is the only version which is able to correctly handle HTTP redirects
    • if none of this is possible, add the following flag to your Maven command line:

Are there any sample projects for Maven and Alfresco?

You can find a full SDK and set of sample projects (Maven archetypes) to work with Alfresco and Maven in the Maven Alfresco Lifecycle project.

Check out also the Google Code project to contribute to the Maven SDK,  share your achievements on how to manage your Alfresco Maven based development process. You can join the discussion in the dedicated mailing list.
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