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Project Proposal

Project Description

The idea behind the Alfresco Cafe is to create a simple, persistent AJAX-based group chat solution where the contents of the chat and any documents are stored within an Alfresco workspace. Please see Campfire from 37Signals as an example of the type of simple functionality that's desired.

Project Requirements/Objectives

The use case is as follows:

  • A user creates a 'Chat' workspace which can contain any number of 'Rooms' as subspaces.
  • Users get invited into a Room using the existing permission model that allows users to be invited to participate on workspaces.
  • When a user visits a Room s/he sees any new message being posted by other users in the Room in real-time along with a history of previous messages.
  • Users may attach documents to the chat space as well as link to any managed document within the Alfresco repository or external URL.
  • Chat history will be maintained according to any records management policy/fileplan that may be in place.
  • Chat rooms may be 'detached' from the Alfresco UI to allow users to continue to use Alfresco while the Chat room is in its own window.
  • Chat history and documents are searchable.

Initial Project Scope

<outline the initial project scope>

Discussion of Design/Implementation Approach

<discuss the design/implementation appriach from this project>


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