Alfresco Community 4.2.d Release Notes

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Alfresco Community 4.2.d Release Notes

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Alfresco 4.2.d Community Release

The following note provides information on Alfresco Community 4.2.d release, which is the fourth community release for Alfresco 4.2.

Alfresco Community 4.2.d release contains the bug fixes since the Community 4.2.c release. See the list of the issues fixed since 4.2.c.

The community release has undergone limited testing and care should be taken before upgrading any previous Alfresco Community version with this version.

Note that JDK 1.7 is required for this release.

An Enterprise Preview version will be made available on a controlled basis soon for Customers and Partners.


For download files, refer to the file list page.


For manual installations you will need:

  • DB: PostgreSQL 9.2.4 or MySQL 5.5
  • App Server: Tomcat 7.0.42 with prepared according to these instructions.
  • JDK Version: 1.7.0 u25

Note for Mac users: Once the user has installed Java 1.7 using the Oracle installer, it is necessary to go to 'Utilities' > 'Java Preferences' and put Java 1.7 into the first choice.

The Alfresco supplied Installers will install all you need to run Alfresco on your machine, which includes Alfresco Explorer, Share, Web Quick Start, Google Docs integration, LibreOffice 3.5, Sharepoint module, ImageMagick, ghostscript, swftools, Tomcat native library.

Note, latest patches are always recommended.

Tomcat 7 Security and Flash Uploader

To improve Tomcat 7 security - we now use the default setting of “httpOnly” for Session cookie container management – this mitigates the main route for the Session Hijacking attack vector – but it effectively disables the Flash Uploader as the default uploader in the Share Document Library. The default is now the HTML5 multi-file uploader on supported browsers.

To re-enable the flash uploader, edit the following file in your installation:


change the context element as follows:

<Context useHttpOnly='false'>

This will enable the Flash Uploader as the default uploader but will also decrease client security.

Known Issues

Please refer to Alfresco Jira system for the of known issues in Community 4.2. - Please refer to this before opening a new issue or raising it on the forums.

Public SVN revision number for Alfresco Community 4.2.d is 54671 and is tagged COMMUNITYTAGS/V4.2d
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