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Alfresco Community Edition 201803 EA

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Alfresco Community Edition 201803 EA Release


Release Notes


These release notes provide information for the 201803 EA release of Alfresco Community Edition.


This is the fourth Early Access release of Alfresco Community Edition containing the Alfresco Content Repository 6.0. This release contains all fixes completed from the release of Alfresco Content Services through March of 2018, including a number of fixes contributed by the open source community.


Care should be taken when upgrading from any previous version of Alfresco Community Edition. Before upgrading, test that you have a functional backup of your Alfresco Repository, and read the documentation.




Alfresco Community Edition is available both as a distribution zip file containing the war files and as docker images that are deployed using docker-compose.


The Alfresco Community Edition docker images are available on DockerHub.

To run this EA release with docker:

  1. You need to have Docker installed on your machine
  2. Make sure that the ports 5432, 8080, 8082 and 8083 are available on your machine
  3. Get the docker-compose.yml file from this release tag.
  4. Run docker-compose up
  5. Check that everything starts up with the browser: http://localhost:8082/alfresco and http://localhost:8080/share and http://localhost:8083/solr/

Please refer to the "Docker-compose & Kubernetes" instructions on Github - acs-community-packaging for additional details. See also the notes below.


If you wish to run Alfresco Community Edition from plain war files, for instance to update an existing system, you can still download the distribution zip file from the Alfresco Community 201803 EA File List.



  • The latest GA release of Alfresco Community Edition is available from the Alfresco Community Edition product page .

  • It is recommended to have at least 4GB of RAM available on the system.
  • Latest OS patches are always recommended.


Goals for this Release

There are several architectural improvements in the 6.0 family of releases including library upgrades and a new deployment process based on Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm.



In addition to the various improvements we have made since the last release of Alfresco Community Edition, this release includes the third of our disruptive library upgrades which might impact compatibility with releases based on the Alfresco Content Repository 5.2.


The main goal of this release is to get feedback on our new deployment process. You can leave that feedback in comments on this page, or by Reporting an Issue‌. We are getting closer to a GA release of the 6.0 versions of the Content Repository. We expect that the next release will contain the final round of library upgrades and an updated release of Alfresco Share.


Please report issues with this release in the issue tracker. You can collaborate on this release by using the discussion tools in this social community. Other feedback can be provided by emailing


Notes on Specific Release Components

  • Solr6 is included as the default search provider in this release. Solr4 will continue to be available to facilitate upgrades


Notable New Features in this Release

The page dedicated to Alfresco Community Edition 6.0 lists all the features in the 6.0 line of Alfresco releases.


Content Repository

The source code for the packaging project that is used to create and run docker images and build the distribution zip can be found here


Dockerized deployment

This is the first EA Release that comes with a set of docker images instead of a GUI installer. These docker images produce a deployment that is more closely aligned with production best practices than the previous installers were capable of creating. If you are interested in how the scripts function, you can find the project that builds the docker images here.


To configure Alfresco Community Edition, it is recommended to add -Dkey=value properties to the JAVA_OPTS environment variable in the docker-compose.yml file. In this EA release, all the data is still stored inside the docker containers. This is sufficient for test and development purposes. For production like environments however, it is recommended to mount locations on the host machine into the containers so that all the data (content store, DB and SOLR indexes) gets stored on the host.


Anonymous usage metrics

Starting with this release, Alfresco Community Edition is sending anonymous usage metrics to Alfresco through the heartbeat service. These metrics are sent every 24 hours and include: version information, numbers of users and groups, numbers of models, aspects and types, whether smart folders are enabled or not as well as the JVM total, max and free memory size. On the receiving side, we detect the country where the data is sent from, but we do not store the IP address of reports coming from our open source products.


Alfresco is using this data to better target new features and their prioritisation to actual usage patterns. We also track the adoption of new versions and features in our install base.  To see exactly what is being sent, feel free to look at the log output generated by

If you wish to deactivate this data transmission, then you just need to add


to your configuration, either as value in or as part of the JAVA_OPTS environment variable in the docker-compose file.


Library Upgrades

  • Quartz library was updated to 2.3.0. As the APIs has changed the trigger and jobs are described in a different way: now the job detail is injected inside the trigger and the trigger is passed to scheduler. Previously the scheduler could be injected in the trigger directly. Java APIs of trigger and job configuration have changed as well.
  • Spring was updated to version 5.0.4. There are some changes that need to be done for the context files to be valid:
    • will need to have an updated xsd declaration 
    • the local reference to beans (like idref local) is now an error
    • singleton declaration should be now done via scope. The default scope is singleton
  • Hibernate was completely removed from the product. The dialect detection is now part of alfresco-repository project.
  • JaxB was updated to 2.3.0
  • Guava was updated to 24.0-jre
  • Removed xstream library from the product
  • Updated commons-validator to 1.6 and commons-digester to 1.8.1
  • Bouncycastle libraries have been updated to 1.59


Default services

FTP support is now disabled by default. Those who want to use it need to activate it manually. This produces a more secure default configuration.


CIFS support is now disabled by default. We recommend not using CIFS, as the protocol has been deprecated by Microsoft due to security vulnerabilities. We expect to remove support for CIFS in the future.



New V1 Rest-API endpoints:

GET /site-membership-requests: Get the list of site membership requests the user can action

POST /sites/{siteId}/site-membership-requests/{inviteeId}/approve: Approve a site membership request

POST /sites/{siteId}/site-membership-requests/{inviteeId}/reject: Reject a site membership request


For details on new and updated endpoints, please see the following list of JIRA issues:

[REPO-2247] Tags: GET tags endpoint should provide aggregation info - Alfresco JIRA 

[REPO-2170] Enhance People API to return capabilities - Alfresco JIRA 

[REPO-3344] Web Api Parameter `required` is not being used - Alfresco JIRA 

[REPO-2093] Allow site managers to accept and reject site invitations - Alfresco JIRA 

[REPO-2339] Trashcan REST API: optionally restore node to new location - Alfresco JIRA 


REST API Explorer

An updated release of the REST API Explorer (v6.0.4-ea) is available on Github - alfresco-rest-api-explorer to navigate the details of the new REST API endpoints. This is included in the SDK, or can be installed by adding the WAR to your Alfresco install and configuring CORS.


This release of REST API Explorer also includes logs listing the API changes between Alfresco 5.1, Alfresco 5.2, and Alfresco 6.0. They highlight the OpenAPI spec differences between these Alfresco versions.


See also Alfresco public REST APIs to find links to more information about the new REST APIs.



Spring was updated to version 5.0.4 and Hazelcast - Spring to version 3.7.1.


Search Services

No incremental updates since last Alfresco Community Edition 201802 EA Release.


Governance Services

The latest version of the RM module (2.7.a) has been tested against Alfresco Content Repository 5.2.g and Share 5.2.f, but there are no known incompatibilities with the Alfresco Content Repository 6.0.a. Please report an issue if you find any problems. Additional details are available in the release blog post: Records Management 2.7.a.

The upcoming version RM 3.0 will have full compatibility with Alfresco Content Repository 6.0.



No incremental updates since Alfresco Community Edition 201702 GA Release.


We provide an Early Access release of an Alfresco Java Client SDK which contains a Java lib project to easily consume Alfresco Public REST APIs. It includes a set of APIs that allows developers to quickly build Alfresco-enabled Java & Android applications: 



The Alfresco SDK is not yet updated with the new code locations. For more details, see More of Alfresco Content Services on GitHub. The support for 6.0.x-ea versions in Alfresco SDK will be added in next releases of Alfresco SDK.



The documentation has been refreshed for this release. The documentation is currently published at Alfresco Community Edition



This release includes: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian (Bokmål), Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese versions.


Feature Removals

No new features have been removed in this specific release.


In this family of releases, the following features were deprecated and are disabled by default:

A number of features are considered deprecated and will be removed in a future release:

  • NTLMv1: Use Kerberos. See
  • Web Application Servers apart from Tomcat: Support for an external Tomcat is likely to also be removed in the future. Use the Tomcat provided with the application.
  • Repository Multi-Tenancy
  • Encrypted Node Properties
  • Meeting Workspace and Document Workspace
  • Some Share Features: site blogs, site calendars, site data lists, site links, and site discussion forums
  • Web Quick Start and the Web Editor

More information is available in



  • Alfresco Content Repository 6.0.4-ea (SCM tag)
  • Alfresco Share 6.0.a (SCM tag)
  • Alfresco File Transfer Receiver 6.2 (SCM tag)
  • Alfresco Search Services 1.1.0 (SCM tag)
  • Google Docs (SCM tag)
  • AOS Module 1.1.7
  • alfresco-pdf-renderer 1.1

3rd Party Components installed in the docker containers:

  • CentOS 7
  • Java 8
  • Tomcat 8.5.28
  • LibreOffice 5.4.5
  • PostgreSQL 9.4.12
  • ImageMagick 7.0.7-27

Additional docker containers used in docker-compose file:








Prerequisites for Manual Install

  • DB: MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Java JDK
  • LibreOffice
  • ImageMagick

You should use the same versions as we have in the docker containers (see above).


Issues Addressed

The issues addressed specifically in this release are available in JIRA projects for the components of this release. Please look at the previous 6.0 releases to get a complete list of issues addressed since the previous GA release (Alfresco Community Edition 201707 GA Release). Note that JIRA behaves inconsistently with these queries when you are not logged in.

  • ALF: Improvements to Alfresco's products requested by open source collaborators. Most issues are linked to another project to get assigned to a team.
  • REPO: Improvements to the Alfresco Content Repository.
  • RM: Changes to Records Management.
  • SHA : Improvements in Share.


Known Issues

  • The Alfresco SDK is not yet compatible with this release.
  • Records Management is not yet compatible with this release. See: ALF-21981 and RM-5872
  • The Kubernetes and Helm deployment process is not working in this release.
  • AOS Module is not yet compatible with this release.


Please refer to the Alfresco issue tracker for other known issues in this release.

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Alfresco Employee

So, there are no VOLUMES and hence this release cannot be used to store data without modifications, right?

Advanced II

I was trying to understand that part too.

And looking at the community documentation, I could find nothing on the topic, but I guess that will be added in future.

Alfresco Employee

If you experience the following error during the execution of docker-compose up command.

ERROR: Version in "./docker-compose.yml" is unsupported. You might be seeing this error because you're using the wrong Compose file version. Either specify a version of "2" (or "2.0") and place your service definitions under the `services` key, or omit the `version` key and place your service definitions at the root of the file to use version 1.

Edit the docker-compose.yml file into the /acs-community-packaging/docker-compose and replace version: "3" with version: "2". Then run docker-compose up again.

Active Member

how to install Alfresco Community Edition on application sever(any web hosting server)

Alfresco Employee

Hi Aniruddha,

Please check the documentation guides: Install guide | Alfresco Documentation 

And if you have problems, raise a question in the forum.

I hope that this will help you.

Active Member

Thank you.

Active Member II

In section "Installation":

  1. Get the docker-compose.yml file from this release tag.

The link does not resolve anymore (404).

Alfresco Employee

Hi Mario,

I pointed this to the team.

The issue is related to the branch that has been deleted from the project.
The file is the following one:

acs-community-packaging/docker-compose.yml at master · Alfresco/acs-community-packaging · GitHub 

I asked the team how to manage the releases of the packagin for the various versions (expecially the old versions like this).

Will correct here the content once the answer is clear.

Thank you for pointing us on this.

Alfresco Employee

Hi Mario,

Thanks for letting us know. I updated the link. Sorry for the inconvenience.