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Alfresco Community Edition 3.2

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Welcome to the Alfresco Community Edition 3.2.

What's New with this Release

The Alfresco 3.2 Community Release provides new capabilities enabling mobile content management, enhanced email and document management and adds new and enhanced support for open specifications and standards including CMIS and IMAP.

This release also includes updates across the Alfresco suite based on community and customer feedback that are designed to provide a mix of innovative new features, enhancements and improvements to existing capabilities.

In addition to numerous bug fixes since Alfresco Labs 3 Final and Labs 3.2 Preview, this release provides the following enhancements:

Support for v0.61 of the Draft CMIS Specification

  • All mandatory CMIS v0.61 capabilities and most of the optional
  • Web Services and AtomPub (REST) Bindings support includes:
    • Create/Read/Update/Delete
    • Types including custom metadata
    • Versioning
    • Relationships
    • Allowable actions
    • Query (with the exception of Joins)

Share Enhancements

  • Support for Custom Types, Aspects and Metadata
  • New Forms System including support for editing custom metadata
  • Moderated Sites
  • Group Based Site Membership
  • User and Group Administration Console
  • New and Improved Dashlets including:
    • Image Preview Dashlet
    • Content I'm Editing
  • Enhanced User Profile
  • Document Favorites
  • IMAP Favorites
  • Customizable Themes
  • Full Screen/Full Window Document Preview
  • Additional filtering options for Site Activities (all, other peoples, mine only) and Tasks (invites)
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Numerous minor functional and usability improvements

Please see Alfresco Community Edition 3.2 Share Feature List for full details of the Share features provided in the 3.2 release.

WCM Enhancements

  • The AVM Deployment Target - Replacement for ASR providing:
    • Improved Deployment Performance
    • Pluggable transport protocols (in addition to RMI) such as HTTP
    • Prepare and post commit callbacks:
      • Allows custom pre/post deployment processing of assets

Mobile client for iPhones

  • New Mobile web application for iPhone clients
  • Provides collaborative content management capabilities including:
  • Site Browsing
  • Workflow Initiation and Tasks
  • Document Library
  • Launch using http://<server>:8080/mobile/p

Email Client Support via IMAP

  • Emails clients can navigate and view documents and emails the repository via the IMAP protocol
    • Email Message body displays dynamically generated view for non-email content including:
    • Metadata
    • Action Links
    • View may be customized via Presentation Template
  • Drag n' Drop emails directly into the repository from email client
    • Automatic Metadata Extraction
    • Automatic extraction of Email Attachments

Simplified Server Configuration and Administration

Repository Enhancements

  • Clustered Job Locking
  • Updated Import/Export (ACP) support
  • Content File Properties Refactor
    • Allows direct querying for content file specific metadata e.g. size, mimetype, locale etc.
    • Support for Multi-Lingual  Text
    • API support for arbitrary collections of objects
  • Lucene Upgrade 2.4.1
    • Improved Performance and Reliability
  • JBPM Upgrade to 3.3.1
  • New Period Datatype e.g. X days/months/years etc.
    • Allows application to calculate future dates for events such as review in 1 year
    • Extensible for custom time units
  • Purge Content
    • Immediate deletion of content from filesystem
  • Copy Operation Refactor
    • Improved performance for copy operations
  • Improved Integration with Directory Services
    • Differential based Synchronization
    • Paging support for synchronization results
    • Performance enhancements
  • Search Enhancements
    • SQL like Query Language (based on CMIS Query) including multi-valued properties, Full Text Search and hierarchical (folder) support. Details on the SQL language are available in the CMIS Specification: v0.61
    • New Alfresco Full Text Search Language - Note: Independent from Lucence syntax
      • May be used within SQL queries or standalone
    • Both SQL and FTS searching accessible via all Alfresco search APIs

Installer Improvements

  • mySQL pre-configured and shipped with the automated installer and zipped installation Windows bundles

Download and Installation

For instructions on how to download and install Alfresco Labs refer to the Download Community page.

Release Notes

Refer to Release Notes for details of the Alfresco Community Edition 3.2 release.

Upgrading from Labs 3 Final Version

For instructions on how to upgrade to this version from Labs 3.1 Final, refer to Upgrade Process.


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