Alfresco Community Edition 3.3 Release Notes

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Alfresco Community Edition 3.3 Release Notes

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For download and installation instructions 3.3 download page

For the latest version of Alfresco community the Download Community page.

Note: Installing Records Management

The Records Management AMP required by Alfresco Share is not installed automatically by the 3.3 Community installer. The follow describes how to install the Records Management module using the Module Management Tool (MMT).

To manually install the Records Management AMP (alfresco-dod5015-share.amp):

1) Stop the Alfresco Tomcat server

2) From the DOS command line install the DOD amp using the following command:

java -jar c:\Alfresco\bin\alfresco-mmt.jar install c:\Alfresco\amps-share\alfresco-dod5015-share.amp c:\Alfresco\tomcat\webapps\share.war

Note: If you have not installed Alfresco to the default location (c:\Alfresco) you will have to adjust the above paths as appropriate.

3) Delete he existing deployed Share application directory:

4) Start the Alfresco Tomcat server.

Please see Module Management Tool for more information on using the MMT.


This release has been tested on the following stack:

DB: MySQL 5.1 and PostgreSQL 8.4

App Server: Tomcat 6

JDK Version: 1.6 u19

Server OS: RHEL5 and Win2008

Note, latest patches are always recommended.

  • The Alfresco MediaWiki AMP can only be installed on Alfresco installations that use MySQL
  • The Simple Edit option in the Share client supports Windows only and requires Internet Explorer 6 or higher to be installed on the client machine.
  • To use the Simple Edit option, you must install the SharePoint Protocol Support AMP.

Known Issues

Virtualization Server

An issue has been discovered in the virtualization server, a *temporary* workaround is to explicitly set 'alfresco.jmx.dir' with absolute directory path to the location of the 'alfresco-jmxrmi.password' file.

eg. add following to '' and replace <absolute_path_to>


This will be fixed in the forthcoming 3.3g Community release.

Emails Templates

When there are existing email templates in Alfresco 3.1.1 and then an upgrade is performed  the templates are still present and in the same place as they were but can no longer be selected when specifying a template to use when creating a 'Send email to specified user' action in a rule.
This problem does not occur on a clean installation of Alfresco, only an upgrade one.

A fix ALF-1816 is provided for this in 3.3 Community release, but please 'cut' and 'paste all' actions to move all custom templates from their 'Email Templates' folder to either the 'Invite Email Templates' sub-folder (if they are templates for site invitations) or the 'Notify Email Templates' sub-folder (if they are templates for notifications of new content). The standard product ones will have been moved automatically.

For a full list of issues and fixes, refer to JIRA issue tracking system.

Spring Surf

Alfresco Community Edition 3.3 includes Spring Surf 1.0.0.M3 build 290. This is not the final release of Spring Surf.

For roadmap, development and planning information regarding Spring Surf 1.0.0.RELEASE, please visit

Spring Surf Alfresco API Changes

As part of the migration to Spring Surf a number of classes have moved packages from alfresco to Spring surf.

In particular the WebScript framework is no longer part of the Alfresco code base..

Core utilities

  • Base64 is now in

WebScript framework

The webscript framework has moved to org.springframework.extensions.webscripts

  • WebScript is now in  org.springframework.extensions.webscripts
  • WebScriptServlet is now in org.springframework.extensions.webscripts

Public SVN Revision number

The SVN revision number for Alfresco Community Edition 3.3 is 19754

Community raised issues fixed in 3.3C

ALF-1935BlockerCMISCMIS up link without /parent in url .....Van Belle Jonathan
ALF-1489BlockerInstallationalfresco 3.2r2 : Bug in postgresql ibatis configurationFabien Baligand
ALF-50BlockerRecords ManagementFrozen Records Can Be DestroyedEric Holt
ALF-1611BlockerJLANNFS Authentication NullPointerExceptionJohn Harris
ALF-1549CriticalLogin failed PASSTHRU and LDAP in ShareWilliam
ALF-1532CriticalMultitenantMulti Tenant Module : After Creating New Tenant, Alfresco cannot be startedSoftbless Solutions
ALF-1578CriticalRepositoryCustom property data fields not searchable due to lucene DEFAULT.ftsIndexerJobDetail exceptionJonathan Parker
ALF-1534CriticalMultitenantAlfresco Community 3.2r2 will not with the error \'Failed to bootstrap tenants\', after upgrading from 3.1.2 with multi-tenancy environment.Vincent Labussiere
ALF-1612CriticalWCMHaving been saved Cyrillic symbols in builtin editor are shown in question marksSavenko Igor
ALF-2013CriticalShareIE does not load document library in 3.2r Enterprise Repository browserJoshua Toub
ALF-1511CriticalShareInvited external users are not given a username and passwordOrion Poplawski
ALF-1706CriticalCMISCMIS: Alfresco goes out of memory when creating/quering folders in bulkChristian Tytgat
ALF-1514CriticalShareInvitation of external user with spaces in (sur)name leads to non working link in invitation emailRemco Hannink
ALF-1543CriticalIncoming Mail Unable to parse messages with attachmentsBenjamin Kahn
ALF-2177CriticalInstallationCommunity edition install failureJeff Jensen
ALF-2269CriticalCMISCMIS: cancelCheckout says \'Object isn\'t checked out\' while checkOut says \'Object is locked or already checked out\' (SOAP)Maik Uhlenberg
ALF-1593CriticalCMISCannot set value for multiple property (CMIS)Mariusz Pala
ALF-1536CriticalEmail templates not listedLuca Gambetti
ALF-1675CriticalWCMRender Engione as Freemarker template in Web Project creation doesnot work with presentation templates FTL variablessaravanan
ALF-1592CriticalMultitenantForm-data in webscripts broken in multi tenancy environmentVivien Barousse
ALF-1576MajorRepositoryMemory leak when deployed in Jboss, Cache problem ?Romain Lamarche
ALF-1551MajorAlfresco memory leakJan Čustović
ALF-1634MajorShareCLONE -Avatar image is not being displayedAntonio Ardito
ALF-1587MajorRepositoryUpdate User Password webscript returns incorrect JSONMikael Grönfelt
ALF-1635MajorShareinvite failure - ReferenceError: \'wf_siteShortName\' is not definedNada O\'Neal
ALF-1682MajorWCMWeb Project Users Denied Permission to Create ContentJarrett Sloan
ALF-1492MajorInstallationUpgrade Alfresco CE 3.2 to 3.2r failPeeranat Sangkatumvong
ALF-1546MajorDuplicate admin user in linux oinstallationMiguel Angel Bayona
ALF-1509MajorShareError saving user profile edited by the Administrator.Gary Brooks
ALF-1684MajorWCMWCM web form based content metadata extraction not working in 3.2 preview2Wei Shen
ALF-1520MajorShareUser profile empty after editDimitar Bakardzhiev
ALF-1604MajorShareNo way to delete a user\'s avitar.Gary Brooks
ALF-1521MajorShareDocument Actions Download link error in ShareGary Brooks
ALF-1601MajorShareError accept mail invite in shareWilliam
ALF-1639MajorShareTag scope are not refreshedMarc Ende
ALF-1506MajorShareInviting a user results in due date of 9999 in My Tasks windowRemco Hannink
ALF-1515MajorShareUnable to change user profiles through admin consoleRemco Hannink
ALF-1608MajorShareSome dashboards items fail to load under alfresco share on linuxPatrick Dos-Santos
ALF-1527MajorWCMError deploying to standalone filesystem test server from user sandboxJon
ALF-1591MajorRepositoryLucene filter with dashJosé Antonio
ALF-1487MajorInstallation MultitenantMultitenancy does not work in 3.2r2runar lie
ALF-1582MajorRepositoryClass cast exception in advanced workflow thrown in JBPMEngine.createWorkflowInstanceKevin Bootz
ALF-2118MajorAlfresco ExplorerDefault mimetype is used (application/octet-stream) when uploading using the UploadContentServlet if filename extension is UPPER/MiXeD caseEvan Garofalo
ALF-1524MajorAlfresco ExplorerFacesHelper.getManagedBean(..) should not swallow exceptionKen Geis
ALF-2256MajorAlfresco ExplorerAdding content: Failed to create content due to errorMaxwell Shifman
ALF-1700MajorCMIStypedescendants CMIS web script is brokenJeff Potts
ALF-1701MajorCMISCMIS: REST getProperties/query doesn\'t work for versioned documentsChristian Tytgat
ALF-1705MajorCMISCMIS: properties \'IsLatestMajorVersion\' and \'IsLatestVersion\' are always trueChristian Tytgat
ALF-1652MajorShareFiltering by tag doesn\'t work for all day eventsMatti Roloux
ALF-1529MajorSearch operators AND ORMathieu Boucher
ALF-1505MajorShareSave of calendar event fails with error message.Gary Brooks
ALF-2048MajorAdministrationImport Tool essentially swallows exceptionsKen Geis
ALF-2209MajorInstallationnew installing in share.war but not cleaning webapps/sharePeter Löfgren
ALF-1553Majorthe script does not work anymore in centos 5.xSalvio Sergi
ALF-1609MajorInstallationInstaller does not replace @@ALFRESCO_DIR@@Nicolas Raoul
ALF-1669MajorInstallationCommunity installer 3.2 does not replace @@ALFRESCO_DIR@@ in scriptsDuncan Hill
ALF-1695MajorAlfresco ExplorerError using custom types in Alfresco 3.2 previewMiguel Angel Bayona
ALF-1491MajorInstallationConvert.exe seems to be corrupted.Gary Brooks
ALF-2044MajorMysql don\'t shutdownISM
ALF-1571MajorCMISCMIS: Query results do not contain required links like \'parents\', \'edit-media\' etcChristian Tytgat
ALF-1702MajorCMISCMIS: can\'t change name of a document via checkout/checkinChristian Tytgat
ALF-1660MajorShareUbuntu bug 304702 E4X not work with rhinoAlan Bell
ALF-1559MajorMultitenantMT: Upgrade 3.0 -> 3.2 problemLaki
ALF-1584MajorRepositoryWrong QName usage in org.alfresco.repo.jscript.ContentAwareScriptableQNameMap.get(Object name)Profondino
ALF-2223MinorWeb Services APIContentUtils.getContentAsString() does not support encodingsShaan Jayaratna
ALF-1590TrivialRepositoryChecking twice for same propertyMile
ALF-2123UnprioritizedCMISProvide displayName for CMIS propertiesFlorian Maul

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