Alfresco Community Edition 3.3g Release Notes

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Alfresco Community Edition 3.3g Release Notes

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For download and installation instructions, refer to the Download and Install Alfresco page.


This release has been tested on the following stack:

DB: MySQL 5.1 and PostgreSQL 8.4

App Server: Tomcat 6

JDK Version: 1.6 u19

Server OS: RHEL5 and Win2008

Note, latest patches are always recommended.

  • The Simple Edit option in the Share client supports Windows only and requires Internet Explorer 6 or higher to be installed on the client machine.
  • To use the Simple Edit option, you must install the SharePoint Protocol Support AMP.

Known Issues

Virtualization Server

An issue has been discovered in the virtualization server, a *temporary* workaround is to explicitly set 'alfresco.jmx.dir' with absolute directory path to the location of the 'alfresco-jmxrmi.password' file.

eg. add following to '' and replace <absolute_path_to>


This will be fixed in the forthcoming 3.3g Community release.

Emails Templates

When there are existing email templates in Alfresco 3.1.1 and then an upgrade is performed  the templates are still present and in the same place as they were but can no longer be selected when specifying a template to use when creating a 'Send email to specified user' action in a rule.
This problem does not occur on a clean installation of Alfresco, only an upgrade one.

A fix ALF-1816 is provided for this in 3.3 Community release, but please 'cut' and 'paste all' actions to move all custom templates from their 'Email Templates' folder to either the 'Invite Email Templates' sub-folder (if they are templates for site invitations) or the 'Notify Email Templates' sub-folder (if they are templates for notifications of new content). The standard product ones will have been moved automatically.

ML Text Properties

MLText properties (Title and Description) can sometimes appear to lose data when saving and viewing a document's metadata across two different browsers.

This occurs when the browsers are using different language preference settings i.e. one browser is set to 'English-United States' whilst the other is set to 'English-British'. The properties are saved successfully, but to the relevant locale. Non MLText properties such as Name and Author will not show this behaviour.

To guarantee all users consistently see the same values ensure all browsers are using the same language preference configuration.

For more details on this issue please see JIRA ticket,

For a full list of issues and fixes, refer to JIRA issue tracking system.

Spring Surf

Alfresco Community Edition 3.3 includes Spring Surf 1.0.0.M3 build 290. This is not the final release of Spring Surf.

For roadmap, development and planning information regarding Spring Surf 1.0.0.RELEASE, please visit

Spring Surf Alfresco API Changes

As part of the migration to Spring Surf a number of classes have moved packages from alfresco to Spring surf.

In particular the WebScript framework is no longer part of the Alfresco code base..

Core utilities

  • Base64 is now in

WebScript framework

The webscript framework has moved to org.springframework.extensions.webscripts

  • WebScript is now in  org.springframework.extensions.webscripts
  • WebScriptServlet is now in org.springframework.extensions.webscripts

Public SVN Revision number

The SVN revision number for Alfresco Community Edition 3.3 G is 20557
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