Alfresco Community Edition 5.1

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Alfresco Community Edition 5.1

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What's new in Alfresco Community Edition 5.1?

This page lists the new features added to Alfresco Community Edition during the 5.1 line of releases. Release bundles are named for the month they were generated, and may contain components from different versions of the product.

Alfresco Platform

  • Alfresco Share now lives in a separate repository from the Alfresco Platform, and has its own life cycle.
  • Support for JAR extension modules
Modules can be packaged as bare JARs on the classpath instead of having to be wrapped in AMPs and overlaid on the WAR. Examples are in the SDK.

Add Delete, Force Delete, Take Ownership, Revert Permissions, Restore actions for nodes and Delete action for properties.

  • bcrypt encryption of user passwords
This makes it much harder for an attacker who gets your password hashes to reverse them to the actual passwords.

  • Smart Folders
Define a query for a folder which will dynamically display the relevant content. More information is in the official documentation.

  • Alfresco Office Services as an optional proprietary module
The AOS module replaces the open source VTI module with a new implementation of the Microsoft SharePoint Protocol. It leverages the proprietary AOS library, and so is an optional proprietary module that is free to use and distribute in unmodified form. AOS only works with MS Office 2010 and newer. More information is in the official docs: installation and configuration, usage.

Alfresco Share

A new Alfresco Share based user interface to allow business analysts to define and deploy content models for use by Alfresco Share end users. No need to write or even see XML files. Models can be deployed automatically without a server restart.

Allow all users to see site visibility settings (Public/Moderated/Private) to avoid misunderstanding around permissions when sharing content.

  • Added 'Take Ownership' action to Share (SHA-244)
Allows authorised users and administrators to take ownership of content to allow further management and administration of the content.

  • User defined start page after login to Share (SHA-981)
User can control the location the navigate to after first login or via the 'home' link based their individual preference

New Share action providing the ability to extract ZIP and ACP (Alfresco Content Package) files for bulk ingestion of files or moving content between Alfresco instances

  • PDFjs (HTML5 document viewer component in Share) upgrade to 1.1.125
Improved stability, performance and compatibility for document previews.

  • Smart Folders (see notes on the Platform above)
  • 'Edit in Microsoft Office' action is now fulfilled by the Alfresco Office Services library as provided by the AOS module (see notes on the Platform above)

Release Notes

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