Alfresco Digital Asset Management Roadmap and Backlog

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Alfresco Digital Asset Management Roadmap and Backlog

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The official documentation is at:

Digital Asset Management

Note: Work In Progress



  • Integrate yong's presentation script.
    • The problem right now is that the thumbnails get created, but they are not visible. 
  • Thumbnailing videos
  • Update DAM content model for image profiles
    • Don't rely on cmSmiley Surprisedbject
    • metadata additions to image profiles
  • DAM for WCM
  1. User uploads a high resolution screenshot from in game to Alfresco
  2. Alfresco generates a small version of it, 300px on the longest edge.
  3. User creates a new blog post, uses the media selector to embed the 300px image in the body of the copy
  4. User clicks the image, creates a new link to the full size image using the media selector.
  • Package as an AMP
  • build a slick UI for DAM
  • Integrate light DRM
  • Video Transcoding
  1. User uploads a MOV file with the correct dimensions into Alfresco
  2. Alfresco converts the MOV file to a FLV
  3. User creates a new 'Trailer' content type and selects the 'FLV' file using the media picker