Alfresco Installation on OS X 10 (Mac - Leopard) Server

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Alfresco Installation on OS X 10 (Mac - Leopard) Server

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The official documentation is at:


This is my first try of installing Alfresco Lab 3b on Leopard Server.

Install Alfresco

  1. Alfresco Version: Lab3.0b for Linux version with Tomcat package.//
  2. $ALFHOME: /opt/alfresco

Configure MySql and change location for data store

  1. Mysql (follow the readme notes - pretty simple)
  2. Change content store to /opt/alfresco/data that is my SAN disk mount
    ( => dir.root=/opt/alfresco/content)

Install optional components

  1. I use Macport to install:
      - ImageMagik
    - swftools 0.8.1_0
    * remember to add /opt/local/bin to paths.d
  2. Install OpenOffice: The Bootstrap way does not work for me; so, I just go back to and modify the It seems to work fine!

Apache and mod_jk

I am using the Apache2 server with Leopard. I tried the reversed proxy (ajpSmiley Happy, but I am not able to get to the Ajax (I think) stuff, i.e. no log in box. I had to change to use mod_jk and JkMount. That worked.

to be continued ..