Alfresco Labs 3.2 Preview

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Alfresco Labs 3.2 Preview

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The official documentation is at:


  • CMIS 0.5
  • Moderated sites: including moderated workflow tasks
  • Admin Console for users in the 'admin' group in Share: framework that allows admin tools to be added to the console
  • Users admin tool: example of use of Admin Console view users, no create or groups yet
  • Document details page in Share now uses new Forms engine and as such allows custom metadata (properties only) to be viewed
  • Edit metadata page (linked from doc details page) has been added allowing custom metadata (properties only) to be edited
  • Metadata is configured using similar techniques used in web client, default config is in web-framework-config-commons.xml, syntax can be found here
  • Multi-tenant Share (for preview and testing)
  • Upgrade to latest Lucene (2.4.1)
  • Share 'My Site Activities' feed now also includes own activities
  • Many fixes