Alfresco Labs 3c Release Notes

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Alfresco Labs 3c Release Notes

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The official documentation is at:

3.0Labs 3cRelease Notes

Alfresco Share Feature List

The feature list identifies all the Alfresco Share Labs 3 features, identifying which of these features are available in Labs 3c.


For instructions on how to install Alfresco Labs 3c, refer to Installing Alfresco Labs 3

(optional) For those using Web Studio, configuration information is provided on the Web Studio Configuration page.

(optional) For those wishing to use the new MediaWiki integration in 3c see Alfresco MediaWiki AMP Installation Instructions


The Alfresco MediaWiki AMP can only be installed on Alfresco installations that use MySQL

Known Issues

For a full list of issues and fixes, refer to JIRA issue tracking system.