Alfresco Mobile for Android : Build from source code

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Alfresco Mobile for Android : Build from source code

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The official documentation is at:

Getting StartedAndroid

Using Maven


NB : See Android Development Tools for links and instructions


mvn clean install 

Binaries are available in target folder.


  • Simple build (unsigned)
mvn clean install 

  • HockeyApp version
mvn clean install -P android-beta-release

  • Official release
mvn clean install -P android-release

  • Samsung extension
mvn clean install -P extension-samsung

  • Official Release + Samsung extension
mvn clean install -P android-release,extension-samsung

Extra Parameters (Cloud & Hockeyapp)

  1. Go to your clone root folder
  2. Create a file inside res/values named keys.xml
  3. Copy and paste the following content inside keys.xml. Don't forget to replace or remove fake keys by your values.

<resources  xmlns:tools='' tools:ignore='all'>

    <string name='oauth_api_key'>YOUR API KEY</string>
    <string name='oauth_api_secret'>YOUR API SECRET</string>
    <string name='oauth_callback'></string>
    <string name='oauth_scope'>pub_api</string>
    <string name='hockeyapp_key'>YOUR HOCKEYAPP KEY</string>