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See also: Developer Runtime Configuration

This page outlines the steps required to checkout the Alfresco Subversion Repository and setup a full development environment using IntelliJ IDEA.

Basic Steps

Basic steps (assumes IDEA 7 or later, with Eclipse support):

  1. Setup the prerequisite platform (JDK 6, Tomcat (or JBoss), MySQL (or a better supported database, such as PostgreSQL)) and support programs (ImageMagick, SWF Tools, OpenOffice)
  2. Checkout the Alfresco sources from SVN
  3. Create a new IDEA project from Eclipse sources, using the HEAD/root/projects directory as the Eclipse workspace root to import from, taking care to review the Project JDK chosen by IDEA
  4. Add the HEAD/root/build.xml file to the Ant Build panel
  5. Declare home.jboss, home.tomcat, home.tomcat.application, home.tomcat.virtual by setting the Build File Properties (to eliminate the need for screwing around with JAVA_HOME, TOMCAT_HOME/JBOSS_HOME, APP_TOMCAT_HOME, VIRTUAL_TOMCAT_HOME)
  6. Arrange for all unit tests to use the same Alfresco repository
  7. Arrange for useful output from Log4J
  8. Arrange for debugging the Tomcat JVM (by declaring jpda.address and jpda.transport in the Build File Properties ... once my patch is accepted)
  9. If not developing on Windows, forcibly excise refrences to cmd.exe from build.xml (sigh)
  10. Run the dump-env-properties Ant target, to be sure you are happy with those paths
  11. Run the test Ant target, to put the build through its paces
  12. Run the Ant target of interest


Because we're using Ant, half of the niceness of the IDE with respect to the compile/debug cycle is lost.  We'd like to take all this in a direction where it all fit nicely into the IntelliJ edit/debug cycle.
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