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Article:Web Studio Quick Start Tutorial

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The official documentation is at:

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NOTE:  Web Studio is no longer part of the Alfresco Community build.  The Surf framework that Web Studio utilised has been committed to Spring Source Surf is the underlying framework used by Alfresco Share.

The Web Editor Framework is the recommended platform for developing rich in-context WCM capabilities.

Accessing Web Studio

Web Studio is available as a separate web application that you can access at a standalone URL. In most real-world situations, this URL will sit on its own separate server.  However, for a default Alfresco installation, Web Studio will most commonly be configured on the same installation as Alfresco Explorer and Alfresco Share.

You can access Web Studio using the following URL:


Log in to Alfresco Web Studio

Since you are not yet authenticated to Web Studio, you will be prompted to log in.

You can log in using your Alfresco credentials. However, for this walkthrough, log in using the following credentials:

Login Name: admin

Password: admin

Creating a Web Site from a Prebuilt Site

The next step of the wizard offers the option create a new web site or import an existing web site from Alfresco Network or from any web template repository your administrator has set up for you.

In this tutorial, we will create the Green Energy sample site by downloading it from Alfresco Network and installing it into your web project. Your instance of Web Studio contacts the Alfresco Network service and download an archive (zip) containing all of the site assets. These assets are stored in your user sandbox.

  1. Select “Alfresco Green Energy” from the list.
  2. Click Create. Web Studio notifies you that it is downloading the web site. Once the download completes, it installs the web site, refreshes the cache, and displays the Alfresco Green Energy site.

About Alfresco Green Energy

The Alfresco Green Energy site includes things you would naturally expect like images, HTML, css, and other web assets. However, it also includes Alfresco Web Scripts and FTL templates. 

The Alfresco Web Script engine is part of Surf and automatically pulls in the web scripts from the site as part of its runtime. In other words, Alfresco Surf automatically learns about the scripting needs of your web application and makes it available!

The Alfresco Green Energy site looks as follows: