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Authentication Web Service

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Web ServicesAuthentication
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This service provides simple authentication capability.

Before access to other Web Services is allowed, a session has to be established.  The authentication ticket obtained upon succesful login is placed into subsequent SOAP header calls.

Note: Investigation into WS-Security is taking place.

Data Types


Encapsulates the result of an authentication request.

  • string ticket - a string containing the user ticket for this session
  • string username - the name of the user for whom this ticket applies



This method establishes a session with the repository and returns the user ticket. A session must be started before calls to other web services can be made.

AuthenticationResult startSession(string username, string password)


  • username - the user name
  • password - the password


  • the authentication results, including the allocated ticket


This method ends the current session with the repository.

authenticate.endSession(string ticket)


  • ticket - the ticket of the session to end.

Code example

               authentication.AuthenticationService service =
                       new authentication.AuthenticationService();
               authentication.AuthenticationServiceSoapPort port =

               // TODO initialize WS operation arguments here
               java.lang.String username = 'admin';
               java.lang.String password = 'admin';

               // TODO process result here
               authentication.AuthenticationResult result =
                       port.startSession(username, password);
               System.out.println('Result = '+result);