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Automatic Wiki Cleanup Script Info

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As part of the ongoing cleanup and anti-spam measure implementation, an automatic cleanup script is run daily to reflect the new user policy. This policy states that in order to retain an account on, the user must make a valid edit before the cleanup script is run.

This script will delete any user without an edit, even if your account was created recently. If you have at least one edit, your account is safe.

In the future, depending on the success of the script, we may implement a time constraint on edits (example: delete users without edits and users that have not contributed in the last 100 days). You will have plenty of notice if this is ever implemented, and if you would like to protect your account, you can be added to an exclusion list now and you will will automatically be on the exclusion list if this is implemented.

If you would like to preserve your account, please add your username to Aevans713's page and you will be added to the exclusion list.

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