Backup under Windows XP

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Backup under Windows XP

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The official documentation is at:


Note: Alfresco should not be deployed on Windows XP - these instructions are for evaluation systems that are typically run on non-server systems. 

You may use the backup utility that comes with Windows XP (it isn’t installed by default with XP Home).  If it is installed, you will find it from the Start menu under All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Backup.  When you start it, you are presented with the Backup wizard. 

If you have used the standard installation locations for the Tomcat or JBoss bundles, then you can use the db_backup.bks script that is installed in the Alfresco folder to select the folders to backup.  To do this select Advanced Mode on the initial Backup dialog (not the default Wizard mode).


This opens another Backup dialog.  Select the Backup tab.  You can either select the files you wish to backup, or use the provided backup script.  To use an existing script, select the Job menu.


Choose ‘Load Selections'.


Locate the backup script file – there is one provided in the Alfresco installation folder (e.g. C:\alfresco), or you may have created it yourself (Job>Save Selections).


This will select the database folder and content/index folder.  You can then start the backup.


you will be presented with more options to select where you want to save the backup, such as a rewritable CD.


Sample Scripts

Right-click on any of the links below to download the script:

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