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When accessing Alfresco Content Services (ACS) and Alfresco Community Edition outside of a Kerberos domain, it is necessary to direct the system to a login page when SSO fails. The correct implementation of a fallback login page depends on the specific use case, and an incorrect implementation could Read more...

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In Alfresco 5.0.x (may be other versions of Alfresco), if a search term is not found in the Solr index, the basic search provides the result for the closest term that matches in the index. For example, if the search term is "1234567" and if nothing matches in the index then basic search presents the Read more...

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How To resolve error integration tests module in  the Creating an All-in-One (AIO) project (WARs).please helpe me. In the file there is an image of the error screen Read more...

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Unfortunately SOLR 6 / Alfresco Search Services was released as an Early Access (EA) module without any documentation, either part of, in this platform or at least bundled with the download. Documentation is not due to arrive until the Alfresco One 5.2 release in Februrary 2017 (as Read more...

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