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Andy Healey presents a Brown Bag entitled "Unknown Error Occurred - 20 UI writing tips for developers". Everyone likes software that's easy to use. Unclear instructions annoy us.


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Esta es la segunda ves que lo subo, por lo visto hay que publicar para que quede registrado.# alfrepru Read more...

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How To resolve error integration tests module in  the Creating an All-in-One (AIO) project (WARs).please helpe me. In the file there is an image of the error screen Read more...

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The contents of this zip allow you to attach a document to an email and send it from a javascript.Credit to Savic Prvoslav who started this object. I built on it. Read more...

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Purpose and ScopeAikau is a widget composition library which makes it easy to build applications on top of Alfresco's Surf framework. DocumentationStart with this tutorial.More information is on the Aikau Wiki on GitHub.Also read the Alfresco ECM Blogs with tag AikauYou can play with Aikau widgets u Read more...

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I wrote a simple little add-on that others may find useful. It allows administrators to manage announcements in an Announcements folder in the Data Dictionary. Then it displays those announcements on the Alfresco Share login page and in a dashlet.I wrote a short blog post about it, but if you just w Read more...

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Purpose and ScopeAlfresco Share is the primary user interface for Alfresco Content Services and Alfresco Community Edition. Focused on collaboration use cases, Share makes it easy to work on content organized in sites. Though Share can be customized and extended, Share is not the recommended develop Read more...

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