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Community Coding Standards

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Alfresco does not mandate coding standards to third-party developers. However, we recognize that having consistent standards across the community will help with collaboration and code re-use. That is why we publish our internal coding standards. This page is for collaboration around community standards for Alfresco add-ons and extensions.

These are very lose guidelines, and each project is free to establish their own coding standards.

Project Standards

Best Practices and Examples

Add to this list pointers at specific files that are good examples of that file type. Also include well managed project layouts / packages. List the reasons why it is a good example.

  • Java: (Alfresco Enterprise 4)
    • Comment block at the top of the file with crystal clear copyright and licensing notices.
    • Imports are ordered precisely - standard JDK imports first (in alphabetical order), then non-JDK imports (including org.alfresco, also in alphabetical order).
    • Method order is:Constructor(s), Spring setters, Spring init method, 'Vanilla' methods
    • JavaDoc comments on all methods except for Spring setters.
    • Use of whitespace.

IDE Specific Instructions

This is a good place to link to publish instructions and plugins for configuring your preferred IDE for Alfresco development.


  • Properties Editor: Helps with saving the properties files in correct format for non-ascii-characters
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