Community Spotlight Oksana Kurysheva

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Community Spotlight Oksana Kurysheva

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Oksana Kurysheva

This is a brief interview in our series of Community Spotlights.

Where do you work?


How and when did you first start working with Alfresco?

Four years ago my team lead came to me and said: 'Hey, now we are an Alfresco partner and you will be responsible for this topic. Please, google what it is'.

What is your favorite way to contribute to the Alfresco community?

Answer the questions on Alfresco IRC. But usually the questions are so clever, that I can't answer them. Smiley Happy So I just work on Alfresco localization and help other people to contribute at

What does the Alfresco community mean to you?

Alfresco community is like a big family. There are hundreds of people you meet every day on IRC or Alfresco Forums, see their commits to Github projects. We speak different languages and sometimes are afraid of misunderstanding each other. But when you see all these faces at Alfresco DevCon or meetup, you feel like you are at home. You can share your thoughts and they will enjoy your wins and feel your failures together with you.

What's something you wish someone would have told you when you first got started with Alfresco?

'Don't worry, you will understand what it is in a few years'.

What do you do when you aren't working on Alfresco projects?

I work on the Alvex project or sleep.

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