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CommunityContributor of the month
Alfresco's active community has collectively embraced the spirit of open source and given generously of their time, effort and skills. Each month we’ll spotlight a member of the community for their outstanding contributions. See How to Contribute for details on how to participate.

September, 2009 Jeff Potts and Russ Danner

For the first time in our brief history, our contributor of the month award is given to two individuals; Jeff Potts of Optaros and Russ Danner of Rivet Logic. Despite working for sometimes competing organizations, Jeff and Russ worked honestly and tirelessly together under the direction of Alfresco’s Peter Monks to produce the material for the best practice master class. Together, they represent many years of Alfresco implementation experience. The best practice master class is only offered at an Alfresco Meetup

August, 2009 Atol Conseils et Développement

Atol Conseils et Développement, an Alfresco gold system integration partner has contributed an easy-to-use Surf-based application to the forge to monitor Alfresco usage. The application can chart new files, modified files, workflow creation and user connections. It can also show extensive document and workflow stats.

June, 2009 Philippe De Rivarola

Philippe De Rivarola is a sofware architect at Knowings, a French software firm. Knowings has an offering called CollaborativeECM that embedds Alfresco technology. Phillippe is an outstanding contributor on the French forums and occasionally on the English-language forum as well.

We wish to congratulate Philippe on his designation as Contributor of the Month and thank him on behalf of the community for his efforts.

April, 2009 Ugo Cei

Ugo Cei, a Principal Consultant at Sourcesense, an Alfresco Gold systems integrator partner, has contributed a generic repository browser portlet that uses the CMIS api. You can download the code and you can listen to a recent Tech Talk Live (episode #27) where Ugo describes the portlet.

Ugo is an active committer and Project Management Committee member on several initiatives at the Apache Software Foundation. He is also an Alfresco Certified Trainer.

March, 2009 Jason Harrop

Jason Harrop of Plutext, heads up an Australian-based open source project that provides support for simultaneous editing of MS Word documents as well as a a cross platform WYSIWYG editor for docx MS Word documents. Behind the scenes Alfresco is used extensively, particularly via the webservices, WebDAV and JCR interfaces. Try it for yourself. Jason has just recently finished a proof of concept of inline editing of MS Word docx documents in Alfresco. Stay tuned for more.

February, 2009 Shane Johnson

Shane Johnson of CityTech has had a busy month. Aside from taking a major role in the Alfresco Chicago Codecamp in early February, Share has made some real progress on a CMIS client that can be used to access content on any CMIS-compliant repository. CMSWire has a nice write up.

For all you Twitter fans, keep a search open on #CMIS to follow the ongoing conversation between Shane and Alfresco’s Chief Architect, Dave Caruana. In a series of 140 character exchanges, Shane shares his ideas, asks for input and provides updates. Dave, who is on the CMIS technical committee, provides insight into the spec but is also gaining valuable feedback from Shane’s experience.

To those who wonder if Twitter provides business value, here is a concrete example.

January, 2009 Gabriele Columbro

Gabriele Columbro is the Senior Open Source Software engineer and Alfresco ECM Architect at Sourcesense. An Apache Software Foundation enthusiast and contributor, he is at present Alfresco ECM Product Strategy Consultant for Sourcesense NL. In this role he concerns himself with the integration and customization projects around Sourcesense partner products. He's mainly focused on Dutch projects providing a wide range of services to his customers, from development best practices and development coaching, to architectural and application lifecycle management. To learn more about Gabriele, check out his blog.

November, 2008 Westernacher

With Westernacher's OpenOffice plugin, users can access common Alfresco functionality from the familiar OpenOffice interface. The plugin, which is available on the Alfresco forge, has quickly become one of the most popular downloads. Westernacher is an Alfresco Platinum system integrator partner. Congratulations and thanks for contributing!

October, 2008 Steve Reiner

Steve has some serious ECM nerd cred including 9 years at EMC/Documentum. After leaving EMC, Steve founded and now serves as the architect at Integrated Semantics. Steve contributed FlexSpaces to the forge, a Flex-based RIA client for Alfresco that runs in browsers and in Adobe AIR (with additional desktop drag/drop features). You can read more about it in the forums. Steve's forge project is currently the second most downloaded project on the forge.

August, 2008 Rogier Oudshoorn

Working as a Senior WCM specialist at Capgemini, Rogier has worked as a tech lead on several web 2.0 websites backed by Alfresco. Using both WCM and ECM, he has been behind high-tech websites such as a financial solution finder a social networking site. His specialties include java-backed webscripts and customizing several ECM/WCM mechanisms.

His contribution to the community has been an adaptation of the Web Site Tools to work with Alfresco 2.2E. You can read more about it on our  wiki or visit the forge to    download the project.

July, 2008 Jean-Marie Pascal

J.M. Pascal’s aim is to promote and teach open source technology, particularly ECM.  Since joining the Alfresco French language forums in early July, he’s already made a real contribution. He’s also developed two tutorials on Alfresco technology and will release a third one in the near future.

As a Capgemini consultant, J.M. is currently working on the 'Rénodoc' document renewal system which has been set up to manage and digitize the documentary information of the French Air Force. Take a look at his node tutorial and his node service tutorial.

June, 2008 Adrián E. Jiménez Vega

Adrián E. Jiménez Vega works in at the Center of Information Technologies
at the University of the Balearic Islands, in Mallorca, Spain.  For two
years, he has been building and deploying a custom application based on
Alfresco to cover all the content and document management requirements at
the University.

In parallel with these tasks, at present, he is finishing a Computer
Engineering study project, and is basing his work on documentation
management with the Alfresco platform

Since registering in the Alfresco Spanish forum approximately five months
ago, he has dedicated time and openly shared his experience posting more
than 200 times contributing many practical solutions and useful hints for
members of the Community.  The 'mini-guides' he has developed are now
widely used and referenced by developers in Spain and Spanish speaking

Adrián, also took part in the 'Web Script Developer Challenge' with a Web
Script solution to limit the space for users including, e-mail

We would like to thank Adrian very much for his contributions, and wish
him continued success working with Alfresco.

May, 2008 Romain Guinot

We are pleased to recognize the efforts of Romain Guinot as our May Contributor of the Month. Romain provides a tremendous value on the French language forums.

Romain, who works in the Open Source Center business unit for our French partner Atos Origin, played a key role on the document management implementation for 'La Poste', the French postal service that serves more than 100,000 employees.
Learn more.

He's also an active contributor to other open source projects including QSOS an OSS classification and comparison tool, the K Desktop Environment and JBoss Reporting Services.
Last but not least, he also contributed a Google mashup application for our Web Scripts Developer Challenge. You can find it in the Content Community.
Congratulations to Romain and thanks for your dedication!

April, 2008 Cignex Technologies, Inc.

We are delighted to recognize Cignex, an Alfresco system integration partner, as our April Contributor of the Month. Cignex has earned a reputation as a leader in the design and development of open source ECM solutions and is responsible for more than 50 successful open source deployments.

When we needed to extend our forums to allow users to “reward” other users for providing helpful responses to forum posts, Cignex volunteered to write the phpBB addon module. In very short order, Cignex presented us with a project plan, we approved the plan and the work was completed, tested and installed.

Thanks to Cignex, we now have the ability to recognize community members who truly provide value on the forums. Learn more about how it works.

March, 2008 Javier Martinez Rojo

Our contributor of the month for March 2008 is Javier Martinez Rojo of Innovasoft-NT. Based in Murcia, Spain, Innovasoft-NT specializes in developing open source solutions that help clients achieve their content management objectives faster and with less cost than with closed source products.

In the four months since the Spanish forum was launched, Javier has given generously of his time and expertise by posting more than 175 times. He was the first and as yet is still the only member to reach “Community Guru” status on the Spanish forum.

Javier has been working with Alfresco since the early days of the product. His past Alfresco works includes a web-based content management application for the City Council of Murcia and a correspondence management system for another client. He is currently working on digital signature and document validation project, and a Java application for content digitalization.
Congratulations to Javier and keep up the great work!

February, 2008 Ray Gauss II

Our February 2008 Contributor of the Month is Ray Gauss II. As CTO at RightsAssist, LLC., Ray is responsible for architecting and developing enterprise applications and integrating existing open source projects to create a unified rights and usage permission SaaS workflow known as RightsPro.

In 2005 RightsAssist began investigating open source digital asset management (DAM) systems with feature sets that included the generation and viewing of thumbnails of visual assets and the manipulation of embedded metadata as absolute requirements, among others.  Although those particular needs were not met by the available Alfresco distributions, they felt that the product excelled in every other category.

Even in the early stages it was obvious to Ray that Alfresco’s architecture, documentation and thriving open source community were more than enough to justify Alfresco as the basis for developing their DAM solution.  In true community fashion, not only did they implement the functionality they needed but they also contributed it back to the community as forge projects. The list includes Thumbnails, Metadata Embedders, XMP Metadata Extensions, and IPTC/EXIF Metadata Extensions.

Ray has also contributed bug reports and fixes through the Alfresco JIRA, he occasionally posts to the Alfresco forums, and he is an active contributor for several other open source projects. Congratulations Ray!

January, 2008 Russ Danner

Our January Contributor of the Month, Russ Danner has played a significant role in building the Alfresco community.  As a software architect for Christian Science Monitor, Russ has been working with Alfresco software and has been active in the community since 2005. You can read a detailed description of the work that Russ has done for the Christian Science Monitor in the How I Use Alfresco forum.

Russ contributes to the community in a number of ways. If you’ve spent any time on the Alfresco forums, you’ve no doubt come across a post by Russ.  At more than 450 posts to date, Russ has posted more times than anyone except the Alfresco engineers.

On the local front, Russ started the New England Regional Alfresco User Group to network with fellow Alfresco developers. This Boston-area group meets monthly in an informal setting to share code, use cases, demos, ideas and sometimes a beer or two.

Russ has also made a difference on the forge. He contributed an add-on to connect the Alfresco repository JCR adapter layer to the Jackrabbit JCR-RMI adapter, a collection of Visio stencils for working with Alfresco diagrams, and a Maven plugin for Alfresco.

On his blog, Alfresca, Russ discusses various topics around Alfresco software, development practices and community issues. Russ is an also active committer to many other open source projects and regularly speaks at open source conferences.

Russ truly embraces the spirit of the open source, community-based software development approach. Congratulations on being our January Contributor of the Month.

December, 2007 Jeff Potts

If you’ve been around the Alfresco world for any time, then you probably already know our first ever Contributor of the Month, Jeff Potts. As a seasoned content management consultant and the ECM Practice Lead for Optaros, Jeff works with clients to assemble content-enabled Next Generation Internet solutions using open source software and open standards. 

Jeff has been a valuable contributor to the forums and the developer site wiki, and has also reported product issues in the Alfresco JIRA.  However, what sets Jeff apart is the educational and insightful material he posts on his personal web site,

Anyone new to Alfresco can jump-start the learning process with Jeff’s series of clearly written, technical tutorials on key aspects of Alfresco.  These tutorials present real-world business scenarios taken from Jeff’s consulting experience, and then walks the reader through the Alfresco customizations required to deliver the solution.  Links to the code and supporting resources are provided at the end of each tutorial.

Some of the tutorials available include advanced workflows, web scripts, implementing custom behaviors, working with custom content types and developing custom actions. Jeff’s site also has his personal blog where he writes about a wide range of topics, many of which are relevant to ECM.   

We encourage everyone to visit his site, learn from his experience and join us in congratulating him as December’s Contributor of the Month!