Cross Repository Reporting and Business Intelligence

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Cross Repository Reporting and Business Intelligence

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Cross Repository Concepts
Cross repository reporting is used to collect information from multiple repositories and present that information in a report. Usually, this information will reside in repositories acting as a records management system, but it could also include information managed in a typical web site. The business purpose of this reporting is either to analyze records or information in multiple repositories or to report form regulatory reasons.

  • generating an official report record based on a validated query and output presentation specification in pdf, XML, HTML file formats
  • generating a report as part of a literature search in pdf, xml, HTML file formats
  • generating a report that tracks regulatory compliance based on the comparison of legislation, guidance and commitment documents and internal/external repository document/report status by country and regulatory content datapoint/milestone being tracked. Example:  If government agencies issued their regs and guidance documents in XML (RSS even), this would better facilitate the ability to manage change efficiently as well as track the regulatory status across human and system boundaries.  This is where content based business intelligence (iECM) meets business process and improves the bottom line.