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Custom Action UI Pre 1.3

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The official documentation is at:

IMPORTANT: This document details the Custom Action UI for Alfresco pre-1.3.  For more recent versions then please see this document: Custom Action UI. Note that this page will no longer be maintained or updated except to correct any mistakes.

Adding UI for a Custom Action

During this tutorial we will assume that we have already created a custom action with the id 'action-id' and that it requires one parameter value with id 'param-name'.

Adding the navigation configuration for the custom action

  1. Open faces-config-navigation.xml found in web/WEB-INF.
  2. Search for '/jsp/wizard/new-rule/*'.
  3. Add the navigation case to the rule wizard:

  1. Search for '/jsp/wizard/create-action/*'.
  2. Add the navigation case to the new action wizard:

Create the action UI

  1. Navigate to /web/jsp/wizard/new-rule.
  2. Create action-id.jsp. See action-add-features.jsp.  Things to note:
    • The title id must be unique and is used to I18N the title of the page.
    • The form should also have a unique id.
  3. Add the controls that will allow the user to enter the parameter values of the action.  Things to note:
    • Any methods that need to be added to support the population of a control should be added to
    • The values of parameters should be stored in the actionProperties map found on the BaseActionWizard.

Adding the display strings for the action

  1. Open config/alfresco/messages/
  2. Add the title string:
  this_is_the_title_id_of_the_new_action=This is the title of the action

  1. Add the summary string for the action:
  action_<the id of the action with dashes replaced with underscores>=The description of the action used in the summary

  1. Open config/alfresco/messages/
  2. Add the title and description strings. These will appear in drop down lists when selecting and configuring the action. Follow the entries under # Actions, such as:
   action.title=This is the title of the action
   action.description=This is the description of the action

Modify backing bean to correctly set parameters and summaries

  1. Open
  2. Search for 'protected Map<String, Serializable> buildActionParams()'.
  3. Add the code to map the parameters from the actionProperties map into the action itsself.
  4. Search for 'protected void populateActionFromProperties(Map<String, Serializable> actionProps)'.
  5. Add the code to map the parameters of the action back into the actionProperties map.
  6. Open
  7. Search for 'protected String buildActionSummary(Map<String, Serializable> props)'
  8. Add the code to generate the summary message for the action.

Enabling the action in the 'Run Action' dialog

  1. Follow the steps for creating the action UI, but create a new file in /web/jsp/wizard/create-action.