Custom document list page (browse) and document expire alert

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Custom document list page (browse) and document expire alert

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I'm new on Alfresco development. I just start and can create custom content model (aspects, properties) and create simple custom workflow (guide from Jeff Potts blog).

And now I want to steap ahead with new requirements on how to create custom document page (list of documents / browse) with specific header list taken from content model I just created previously (e.g. Effective From, Effective To, Specific Notes, Unit Responsible, etc.) as table header.

Secondly, from that document list I will create an alert/notification system before document expire. This alert will send an email to responsible unit/group.

With those above requirements where can I start to find the basic tutorial and documents should read. Or development will be used (webscript? smartfolder might be help? etc.)

Thank you in advance!


If you are using the latest version of Alfresco, you can use Smart Folders to create custom document list views.

Read more about smart folders here:

For creating document list/alerts, you would need to setup rules or do custom development. For this go through job scheduling in Alfresco.

Read more about job scheduling via extension points here:


Some guidelines from a non-developer (you can do all things listed below only with javascript, xml files, properties files and some Spring knowledge) :

  • You can reuse cm:effectivity aspect in your custom content model (maybe you did). Store in your content model what you want to query later. The best reference are the Jeff Pott's tutorials --> About the Alfresco Developer Tutorial Series | ECM Architect
  • Then you may use your defined custom properties as facets in Alfresco Searches. This can be configured directly in Alfresco Share Search.
  • With the help of smart folders you can define custom filtered queries based on your new content model (all custom documents, custom documents expired, custom documents by unit responsible...). I think it is the easiest way  because you only need to learn some FTS query language but it is not exactly a "page" (you can also use pages, document library filters, custom dashlets...). You need to enable smart folders, and then use a smart folder template that can be dynamically edited in Data Dictionary / Smart Folder Templates --> Configuring Smart Folders | Alfresco Documentation
  • For the notifications, you may create a quartz job (scheduled action) that daily checks the custom documents by "effectivity to" property, and then change "some state" to expired, depending on your content model implementation --> Scheduled Actions (although I said before it can be written in js, it is better to use java). You may use custom email templates defined in Data Dictionary / Email Templates too.
  • Some other helpers for the final users may be:

Hope this helps.



Hi Bhagya Silva​, thanks for pointing me to both information.

In smartfolders template I should read more on smartfolders template (some kinds of .ftl files), since the final output of smartfolders is use default alfresco view. I want the format like in common table/spreadsheet contents (e.g. | Number | Document Title | Effective From | Effective To | Responsible Group|). Is it possible to create custom view for smartfolders?

For scheduling job, since I have almost zero knowledge on Java and said that JavaScript is possible to develop for scheduled jobs, I will focus on JavaScript development. CMIIW in case "only JavaScript" can handle this (no more Java program/codes required).


Hi Cesar Capillas​,

  • For custom properties, I stil have no idea :-)
  • For smartfolders, FTS query is fine for me. But how to build a page or dashlet which you mention to display parameters of query. Let's say I need to know what documents will expire on M-MONTH and Y-YEAR (only months and years selections) which will query to my custom smartfolder template. How to connect between them?
  • About notification which you said better in Java, do you have links step by step on develop it? for beginners like me.
  • Metadata template, thank you for pointing on that, I checked that it configure on "backend or data structure" not for frontend page. Where can I find this knowledge - on connecting metadata template and page/dashlet template (end user interface).

Many thanks!

As the Document Library already supports custom views for the listing of documents, you should be able to create a custom view for smart folders.

Thank you. I will check it!

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