Deploying WAR Liferay

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Deploying WAR Liferay

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NOTE: This page applies to Alfresco 1.3 so can be considered obsolete.

Deploying Web-Client WAR to Liferay 4.0.0

The Web Client 1.3.0 bundles include a pre-configured Alfresco and Liferay 4.0.0 + Tomcat package. However, you may wish to install the Alfresco 1.3.0 WAR yourself if you already have a Liferay installation on your system.

These are the steps to follow - they assume you have Liferay 4.0.0 already installed and working:

  • Download the Alfresco 1.3.0 WAR file bundle from SourceForge.
  • Unpack the alfresco.war file into a temp folder.
  • Delete the file WEB-INF/lib/portlet-api-lib.jar
  • Edit the file WEB-INF/web.xml to add an extra value /WEB-INF/faces-config.xml to the front of the list of faces config files as follows:

  • Download the Liferay portlet config files from here:
  • Unpack the config files into the WEB-INF folder, you should see the additional files liferay-display.xml, liferay-portlet.xml, portlet.xml and faces-config.xml.
  • Repack all files into a new alfresco.war file.
  • Deploy the modified alfresco.war file into your Liferay deployment directory - which by default is /home/liferay/deploy
  • If you do not have the MySQL connector JAR already installed in Liferay (or it's container such as JBoss) then download the MySQL Java Database Connector JAR file: and copy the JAR file into /liferay/common/lib (tomcat) or server/default/lib (jboss)
  • Start Liferay as usual - watch the console, you should see the alfresco.war file deploy ok all the usual Alfresco server startup messages.
  • You should now be able to add the Alfresco Client Portlet to your Liferay portal page!

NOTE: These instructions will not work with the Liferay+JBoss bundle.

NOTE: Alfresco is not compatible with Liferay 4.1.0 as this uses a newer version of the MyFaces library which contains a fatal bug.