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Deployment Receiver Engine

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The deployment receiver engine is the top level object in any deployment receiver, be it AVM, DM, or filesystem. It binds together all the components necessary to function as a deployment server capable of receiving files from an authoring server. Note that this bean has no means to specify the manner in which its methods are invoked: it is 'transport agnostic'. Configuration of Java RMI, Spring HTTP or a custom transport is taken care of separately. This bean does, however, need to know whether it is running within the Alfresco server or not, via the daemonThread property.

Interface : org.alfresco.deployment.DeploymentReceiverTransport
Interface : org.alfresco.deployment.DeploymentReceiverService
Implementation : org.alfresco.deployment.impl.server.DeploymentReceiverEngineImpl

Configurable Property Reference

transformers list of transformers(details) list of content transformers to apply to the incoming data.
housekeepers set of housekeepers Housekeepers are called periodically to detect problems and tidy up.
pollDelay integer interval (in seconds?) between calls to housekeepers
commandQueue bean reference Link to the backlog of commands for this deployment engine.
readerManagement bean reference Link to the stream management bean (simple, pooled, etc.) See configuration files
authenticator bean reference or definition Link to the authentication bean to be used when shutting down this deployment engine. NOTE: this is only necessary for the stand-alone configuration. This property can be omitted from the configuration when the deployment receiver engine will be running within Alfresco.
daemonThread boolean If true, indicates that engine is running within Alfresco.  If false, indicates stand-alone mode and causes a 'keepalive' thread to start.

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