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Documentation Plan

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The official documentation is at:



There are several aspects that come into the overall documentation needed for the Alfresco software.  There's online documentation, which needs content, but also hooks in the software to provide access to context sensitive help.  Then there's various guides for the different audience, training materials and tutorials.


The first type of documentation will be in the form of tutorials.  These will serve to  give overviews of using the system for the first time, as well as an overview of the system in use without having to install it.  The tutorials will follow a walk-through style with plenty of screen grabs to illustrate what is going on.

User Guides

We anticipate a number of User Guide, targeted at different kinds of user of Alfresco.  The current set includes:

Online Help

The online help will be built on content written for the Web Client User Guide.  Context-sensitive cross-reference tables will be used to link the web client help buttons to the appropriate section of the User Guide.