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Featured Contributions

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This page recognizes significant contributions from the Alfresco community outside of the engineering team that have been accepted as part of the Alfresco distribution released by Alfresco engineering.

External contributions are searchable in the Add-ons directory.

If you are aware of a contribution that should be added here, please do so.

Alfresco Share


  • Inspiration for flexible site dashboards: Angel Borroy.



  • Trashcan Cleaner: Bertrand Magnier and Julien Berthoux (ATOL CD), Rui Fernandes and Philippe Dubois
  • Support Tools: Antonio Solr, Gabriele Columbro, Axel Faust, Marco Mancuso, Marcus Svartmark, Andy Healey, Rich McKnight, Julien Bruinaud.


  • Maven build system: many contributors, including Ole Hejlskov
  • PdfJS Viewer: Peter Lofgren
  • Translation of Records Management Module: Oksana Kurysheva, Marleen Pijpelink, Guilherme Granato, Maralyza Pinheiro.
  • Norwegian Translation: Kim A. Olsen
  • Enhancements to the Google Docs integration: Nick Burch


  • Russian Language Pack: Oksana Kurysheva and Alexey Ermakov
  • Fix to GOOGLEDOCS-124: Florent Delannoy
  • Alfresco Workdesk from the WeWebU OpenWorkDesk team.


  • Node Browser in Share: Will Abson
  • Category and Tag Management in the Share Admin Console: Jan Fitzner
  • Bulk Import Tool: Peter Monks, Rich McKnight, and Ryan McVeigh


  • Google Maps Dashlet: Will Abson
  • Kofax Integration: MicroStrategies


  • Automatic Metadata Extraction: Jesper Steen Moller
  • Forums in Explorer
  • Task list functionality to complement forum discussion in Explorer: Turgay Zengin


  • Meta Data Extraction Framework and PDF/Open Office Format meta data extraction - Jesper Steen Moller
  • Open Document Format meta data extraction - Antti Jokipii


  • SVN to GitHub mirror script: Peter Lofgren
  • logflush command for Alfbot: Bindu Wavell
  • Themeing for #alfresco IRC logs: Ian Crew
  • Translation process at CrowdIn: Oksana Kurysheva