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The official documentation is at:

Alfresco Modules
Note: The Alfresco Google Gadgets are an example implementation and are unsupported.

The Alfresco Google Gadgets are a set of sample Web Scripts that expose Alfresco functionality via the Google Gadgets platform.  They are available for download from the Alfresco Subversion Repository.

There are currently three example Alfresco Google Gadgets:







Installing the Alfresco Google Gadgets

Step 1

As admin, navigate to the 'Data Dictionary' and into the 'Web Scripts' space.
Then navigate further into the 'org' and 'alfresco' spaces.  From 'More Actions'
select 'Import' and locate the '' file, upload and then import it.
At this stage, you should now have a space named 'aggadget' containing all the
Web Scripts.

Step 2

The Web Scripts need to be registered with the Alfresco server to become active.
To do this, open a browser at 'http://localhost:8080/alfresco/service/index' or
the equivalent for your server.  This will tell you how many scripts are currently
active.  Click the 'Refresh list of Web Scripts' button to register the new scripts.
You will see a message highlighting how many new scripts were found and are registered.

Step 3

You may now use these Web Scripts within iGoogle.  The XML definitions can be used to register the gadgets with iGoogle, but you will need to modify the server name in the href setting to be your Alfresco server.