ImageMagick Configuration (Talk)

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ImageMagick Configuration (Talk)

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I had this problem on my Linux server (the ImageMagick error in the alfresco.log at startup) so I followed this help page but it isn't complete. On Linux you should change the name of the binary in the [your_tomcat_installation]/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/content-services-context.xml file and not in the contentServices.xml file as stated in the article.

Some other information is missing here... there are 2 lines you should change in the content-services-context.xml file:

57 <bean name='transformer.ImageMagick.Command' class='org.alfresco.util.exec.RuntimeExec'>
58    <property name='commandMap'>
59        <map>
60            <entry key='Linux'>
61                <value>imconvert ${source} ${options} ${target}</value>
62            </entry>
63            <entry key='*'>
64                <value>imconvert '${source}' ${options} '${target}'</value>
65            </entry>
66        </map>
67    </property>
68    <property name='defaultProperties'>
69        <props>
70            <prop key='options'></prop>
71        </props>
72    </property>
73 </bean>

I can guess why but this isn't documented yet, don't know if this is true for the Windows version as well. More information available in the forum: