Installing a new license

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Installing a new license

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The official documentation is at: Uploading a new license (5.1) 

Note that the information about how to place the file in the license folder was dropped in recent versions of docs, that info is available here: Uploading a new license (4.0)

If you've received a new license from Alfresco Sales, then you should have in your possession a file with a name like Customer-EnterpriseTrial-ExpirationDate.lic.  This is your Alfresco license file.  It must be installed into the Alfresco application before it will take effect.

Customers can download their license files on in 'My Files'.

How to install on Apache Tomcat

The procedure may differ slightly depending on which version of Tomcat you are using. If you are not sure which version you have then you can check this by looking at the contents of the RUNNING.txt or README files in the main Tomcat directory.

Generally, versions of Alfresco 3.0 and greater containing a bundled version of Tomcat will use Tomcat 6.0. Previous versions used Tomcat 5.5.

How to install on Tomcat 6.0

  • Check if the directory <TOMCAT_HOME>/shared/classes/alfresco/extension/license exists. If does not, then create it.
  • Check the configuration file <TOMCAT_HOME>/conf/ contains the line

  • If you downloaded one of the Alfresco Tomcat packages you should already have this line. If you are using your own copy of Tomcat then you will need to add this.
  • Follow the instructions in How to install on Tomcat 5.5 below.

How to install on Tomcat 5.5

  • Shut down Alfresco
  • From your Alfresco installation directory, browse to the <TOMCAT_HOME>/shared/classes/extension directory, for example:


  • Create the license directory if it is not already present.
  • Move the Customer-EnterpriseTrial-ExpirationDate.lic file into this license directory.
  • Restart Alfresco

Checking that it works

Upon start-up, Alfresco should detect the existence of the Customer-EnterpriseTrial-ExpirationDate.lic file and install your license. The license information should be printed to the Tomcat console and log files. If the license is valid, Alfresco will rename the file to Customer-EnterpriseTrial-ExpirationDate.lic.INSTALLED and begin to utilize the terms of your license immediately.

Should you have any problems with the installation of a license or license extensions, please contact Alfresco Support immediately.