Installing on Linux

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Installing on Linux

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Alfresco offers several methods of installation on GNU/Linux platforms, from a quick binary installer through to a more customized set up for experienced users.

Quick Installation

If you want to get Alfresco up and running quickly or if you do not have much experience installing sofware under Linux then the binary installer is likely to be the best option for you. The installer allows you to quickly install all the components needed to run Alfresco, including Java, Tomcat and MySQL, as well as the suite.

Linux Quick Install

If you already have a Tomcat installation running on the machine then you will need to either disable this or configure the Tomcat instance bundled with Alfresco to run on a different port. If you wish to allow access to Alfresco via the integrated FTP interface and you already have an FTP server running on your server then you will need to configure Alfresco's internal FTP server to run on a different port.

Advanced Installation

Here are some example install steps for earlier releases of Alfresco Community. Note: For latest release of Alfresco, please refer to Download_and_Install_Alfresco

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Configuring Linux

Changing Bind Addresses and Ports for Samba and FTP

Installation Troubleshooting

Many of the tribulations of an Alfresco install gone wrong are relevant to multiple flavours so there is a consolidated troubleshooting section here: Linux Installation Troubleshooting