Java-backed Web Scripts Samples (Talk)

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Java-backed Web Scripts Samples (Talk)

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These examples (at least the first one) do not seem compatible with the new Surf framework.  The Web Script engine returns an error:

07210001 Web Script org/alfresco/java/simple.get already associated with the 'Presentation' container

Great resource.  I just wish the wiki authors would be a little more specific about filenames and file locations.  It would make it a lot easier for developers just getting their feet wet in Alfresco development.

I had a problem with the RandomSelectWebScript example on Alfresco 4.0.2.  This chunk of code failed:

   if (!(req instanceof WebScriptServletRequest)) {
      throw new WebScriptException( 'Content retrieval must be executed in HTTP Servlet environment');

The request wasn't an instance of WebScriptServletRequest.  I got around the problem by pulling the parameter directly from the WebScriptRequest like this:

   String path = req.getParameter('path');