JCR-RMI Extention Architecture

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JCR-RMI Extention Architecture

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This functionality was removed from Alfresco in 5.0.b.


The JCR RMI extention is a simple project which aims to bring two larger endevors together (Alfresco/Alfresco JCR and Apache Jackrabbit-RMI JCR wrapper)


Highlevel RMI Interaction

This diagram should give you a high level understanding of how the remoting occurs.  This is basic RMI architecture, nothing tricky going on here.

What the extention is responsible is for the following: 

  • Getting the reference to the Alfresco JCR interface (injected via IoC framework)
  • Wrapping the object via the Jackrabbit RMI JCR library
  • Binding/unbinding the remote object with the RMI infrastructure


The remote client is responsible for its own lookup of the remote object from the RMI infrastructure.  The extention covers the last mile between Alfresco JCR on the server side. The client is responsible for the its first mile (Obtaining the remote reference).