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JSR-170 Compliance

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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

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This page tracks our compliance with JSR-170.

Level 2 Compliance (from Alfresco v1.2)

Current Issues / Incompatibilities

setProperty(java.lang.String name, Value[] values, ...)

From the JSR-170 specification...

All Value objects in the array must be of the same type, otherwise a ValueFormatException is thrown. If the property is not multi-valued then a ValueFormatException is also thrown. If another error occurs, a RepositoryException is thrown.

We don't currently throw the exception, instead, we cast the values to the required type.

Storing Binary in an ANY Type

This is not currently supported in Alfresco.

Multiple Workspaces not supported

This is not currently supported via the JCR API - therefore methods such as:

  1. workspace.copy(java.lang.String srcWorkspace, java.lang.String srcAbsPath, java.lang.String destAbsPath)
  2. workspace.clone(...)

are not implemented.

Level 1 Compliance (Available in Alfresco v1.0)

We pass all Level 1 TCK tests.

Whilst testing our Repository against the JCR TCK, we found some issues with the tests themselves.  The good news is that they've been reported to the Jackrabbit development team and all have been promptly fixed.  Thanks.

TCK Results

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