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Liferay extension Definition of Roles

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Roles are often associated with responsibilities, artifacts, and resources.  It is always important to consider the roles, responsibilities, artifacts, and resources in their relationship to one another. Each dependency begins a process of coupling, over time, too much coupling leads to brittle architecture often called cohesion.  Cohesion impedes efficiency, process, and change. Cohesion of these spaces has a direct impact on manifest skill levels required and even system service level agreements. 

The following section attempts to define each role, what its responsibilities are, what artifacts it is responsible for, and what resources it requires. 

Organizations are extremely diverse in the manner in which they distribute and apply WCM and content generation roles. Some organizations maintain discrete job description and positions for each while other require employees to take on a few or all of the roles.  How the roles are applied is not a factor in the definition of the roles and their couplings.

We will need to refactor and balance these items as we define our architecture and roadmap.



Content is the combination / partnership of information and metadata,

In the web landscape some very common content artifacts are XML copy and images in the information space, and RDF and OWL in the metadata space. That being said, all content can be made to be web accessible in some fashion. Our organization has volumes and volumes of non digital �content�.  This content must be made available online.  The first step to making this happen is providing online metadata about the �Hard� content.


  • Content Contributor
  • Content Reviewer


Production Specialists represent the production/business interest.

Production specialists are responsible for the husbandry of the production process. The configuration lifecycle is analog to production lifecycle. Ply production lifecycle we mean the day to day determination of what is presented to the users. Configuration actors should be empowered with tools that allow them to determine through configuration what is available, in what format to the website.?


  • Web Publisher
  • Web Content Manager / Web Marketing Manager
  • Information Architect
  • eBusiness IT Exec
  • Systems Administrator | IT Operations


Design can, and should be developed separately from the actual presented content.  Thinking of design in this way helps maximize the amount of content reuse. The technology in terms of design on the web continues to be HTML.  However, not HTML in the sense of traditional web pages.  HTML is now coded into XHTML, XSL, CSS. XSL is used as the binding agent to combine the content, the layout, and the style. We generally expect our Designers to have a mastery of CSS and XHTML.


  • Web Designer


Behavior is functionality.  The implementation of behavior is probably one of the most expensive and risky undertakings in the web arena, it can also add a great deal of value. Behavior must be encapsulated in applications so it can be properly managed in order to eliminate as much risk and complexity as possible. The technology for implementing behavior in the J2EE environment is largely (but not limited to) Java, JSP, and JavaScript.?


  • Information Architect
  • Application Developers
  • Web Developer


About the Author
Jeff Potts is the founder of Metaversant (, a content solutions consultancy based in Dallas, Texas. Jeff has spent 20 years implementing solutions around content management, document management, workflow and search for clients like Turner Broadcasting, Activision, Sony Pictures, Southwest Airlines, PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, BMC Software, BNSF Railway, and others. He's written two ECM-related books, the most recent of which was CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action (Manning, 2013) which he co-authored with Florian Mueller and Jay Brown. Jeff runs a popular blog called ECM Architect ( and is a committer on the Apache Chemistry project. Jeff and his team are available to work on your content projects. Contact us by email at info at metaversant dot com.