Liferay extension deployment Terminology

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Liferay extension deployment Terminology

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When dealing with multiple products that overlap in functionality or intersect in the space in which they deal there tends to be collision and confusion on terminology.  For this sake, we will keep relevant terms and definitions (for each technology/product) here as well as aliases for each colliding term by which it can be disambiguated.


Design layouts give the structure of a page 'without regard' for the look an feel of the page itself.



CSS, Images, Javascript, and other visual artificats that can be applied to 'any' layout.


A page is a logical item that is composed of the following

  • url
  • portlet roster
  • layout
  • theme


  • XML -> Freemarker -> X (HTML,XHTML,XML,PDF, TXT,etc)
  • Image -> Resolution -> Image
  • Image -> Filter -> Image
  • HTML -> PDFBox -> PDF


Tamplates are technology sets like XSL, Freemarker, Webmacro, etc which can be applied to data and even objects in order to produce output.


A target is a set of business rules which returns a set of content (1-n).  In some respects targeters can be viewed as queries which can be applied to the repository which runs in a particular context (ie: the users session).


A slot is a holding position on the page which can have content inserted in to it at run time based on business rules such as content targeters etc.

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